ipod will not show music

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Robertk2012, Nov 10, 2003.

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    I just bought an ipod from someone online. It will not show the music that I transfer to it. The computer does see it though when I reconnect to the computer. Please help.
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    try restoring it with the iPod software found at Apple.com
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    tried that didnt work
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    ummm.. is it possible that you're simply copying the files across to the iPod, instead of using iTunes (or whatever?)
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    Nope it is not
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    I think the fact that the person you bought it from couldn't reformat it successfully should have raised a BIG red flag.

    It appears that the iPod is broken. Can you return it for a refund?
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    Yeah I was hoping to be able to solve the problem. He said he thought it was just a windows problem. You can use the ipod as a hard drive so the drive isnt messed up well at least to bad. I hear a slight clicking. Is that normal?
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    try a reset - ie: hold down play and menu for a few seconds until it resets. On a couple of occasions, the database on my iPod got messed up until I did this. Failing that, a restore to the most recent firmware has always solved any problems I've had.

    some quiet clicking is perfectly normal for the iPod HDD.
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    I tried the reset. No dice.
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    It also contiuously asks for language if thats any help.

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