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iPod Won't Turn Off

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rockandrule, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm having some problems with my 5G iPod 30GB. For the past two weeks or so it will not turn off by holding down the play/pause key. Even after resetting the iPod (holding down select + menu) the iPod still will not turn off. The only way that it will turn off (sometimes) is if I play a few songs and then put it on pause and leave it. I have heard of one other person having the same problem on my campus, and I wanted to know if anyone else could help?
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    Yea I too have had a problem with that some of the time. What I found to work is to start playing the song again and then pause it again. It does get aggrevating sometimes when I hold the pause and it doesn't do anything. Apple should have a on/off switch like everything else
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    It wouldn't be so aggrivating if this would be a sure fire way to have the iPod turn itself off, but it's just not working for me. I think I may bring it up to my Apple Store if no one has any solutions.
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    I think thats a problem with all the ipods(5gen). Only on certian situations it turns off automatically.

    But that's not a problem with me, since I always turn it off manually. I prefer it that way, I'm kind of paranoic. I need to make sure it's turned off.:)

    Edit: But yes, a direct way to turn it "off and on" would be nice. But Apple focus more on good looking in this case.
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    I sometimes have a similar problem, I press play/pause to turn it off and it just dims. It only happens when I remove it from the computer, and waiting for a minute or so normally turns it off. I think it's just recovering from being severed from it's mother, so to speak.
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    this was discussed lengthily in another thread but the explanation given was that since the iPod is a miniature hard drive, it takes a bit of time to stabilize especially if it's been spinning from all the playing; whether for videos or audio. thus, you have to give it some time to fully respond to a command of turning off or as in any other hard drive --- "shutting down"
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    This is not an answer to my problem. Even when holding down for >1 the iPod still does not respond to turning it off.
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    this happens to my 5G whenever I use Music and then switch to Video, once in Video mode that's when I experience problems shutting it down; what I do is to shift back to Music, play one song and then turn it off. so far, this move hasn't failed.
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    Well, I rarely ever use it in video mode. This typically happens when I'm just listening to music on the way to and from class.
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    The same happens to me (5G 60GB and also to to a friend's 5G 30GB). It started when I updated my iPod with the 2006-03-23 updater. I hope next updater can fix that. :(

    It usually starts after I connect and then eject my iPod from the computer and I can't turn it off until it plays a few songs. I have notice that during the time that I can't turn it off, if I put the back side next to my ear, the HD has a weird noise, which I don't hear when it is working normally.:confused:
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    I had a similar problem recently with my ipod. I found that just being patient and waiting was the only thing i could do. I know it gets very annoying and aggravating especially if you know you can't charge it anytime soon, but apple did want to look good rather than be efficient so they made no turn off switch...so annoying but you gotta deal with it. :D
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    Be nice if/when they go to bigger capacity flash drives. If the issue is HD stabilization, that would eliminate the problem. It is almost like there are toooo many functions expected of the click wheel. An on/off switch would be nice. Course, so would the back touch stuff where you control with pressure on the back of the pod...
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    I get this too, and every iPod I've touched has had a similar problem. Expect one type: the iPod Shuffle. I love having the dedicated power button on it. Volume buttons too for that matter.

    My usual remedy is to start playing the song again, and then pausing, and then attempting to turn off.
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    the same thing happens with mine and my girlfriend's ipod, and the only solution that I've found is going into a new menu or a new song and trying to turn if off again. Seems to work every time with me.
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    just go to setting and look the place were you can add stuff to the main menu and look for sleep you just have to click on sleep and it turns it off immediatly and if it doesnt you got a problem.:D
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    iPod won't sleep/turn off unless the hard drive isn't spinning. Listen closely to your iPod and you may hear a quiet whirring.

    Wait till that whirring stops, usually announced by a tiny click sound. Your iPod should sleep after that.

    All else fails, reboot the iPod by holding down the menu and center buttons, then try in a minute to sleep it.
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    I honestly never turn off my 5G iPod. I just pause it wherever I am (music or video) and flip the hold switch. It goes to sleep within a couple of minutes, and I've never had any problems with the battery running down, or waking it up when I want to listen again. And I don't even use it every day.
    I also never shut down my MacBook Pro, but I usually leave it plugged in at home, and I use it all the time!
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    Hey rockandrule,
    Did you ever get this resolved?
    My iPod has just started not wanting to sleep and it is driving me crazy.


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