iPods reach The Simpsons

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2005.

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    now the iPod has certainly prevaded into the realm of pop culture and iconic status :D
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    i think it needs to make it to family guy. Stuie can take over the world using his ipod
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    It doesn't count before one of the Simpsons actually buys/gets one... ;)
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    darn, but its getting there!! :p
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    iLove iThe iSimpsons...

    Even now in their unfunny latter years.
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    Yah but even now after they've pretty much hit every topic known to man they still occasionally have some gems. Honestly nothing short of Matt Groening calling it quits or an asteroid impact in Hollywood is going to kill the Simpson’s. The thing is like trying to stop the planet from orbiting. It’s got its own inertia at this point.
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    thats certainly one of the best aspecs of the show, its been on for what 15 years now or so? and they are working on a movie still right?
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    that was great, ill post it as an attachment here though so we dont overload that site ;)

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    That's funny, I've always named my ipods 'iGod'
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    It will....
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    The worst episodes of the Simpsons are still better than most of the crap that passes for entertainment these days.

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