iPods to blame for total eclipse of the art — David Hockney

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by elppa, Jun 14, 2007.

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    And so goes the ramblings of an old, grumpy man. No less, no more.

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    ...or really threatened visual artist. On the other hand, I'm finding less and less art-on-wall paintings leave me cold. Apart from Old Master drawings and Matisse, Monet's Water Lilies, very little visual art moves me anymore. I feel like going up to them and clicking to make something happen.:p
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    Henri Gaudier

    It superficially makes sense but he's wrong. 40 years ago was there a dip in "observation" due to the arrival of the mini-skirt? Or did landscapes decline whilst knickers and legs increased? I don't have an ipod or anything else but years ago I had several profound experiences with a tape Walkman. One was being in hospital and not able to sleep I sat in a corridor nurse's station in the dark listening to Popol Vuh. The music has quickening heartbeat drums and eerie effects as it portrays the soul leaving the body and travelling to the other world. I think it was called In the garden of the Pharoes A few doors down the corridor a man was dying and eventually after the rush of nurses a metal coffin came for him and it clicked down the corridor. The light falling from the door, the darkness, the immense hospital, heightened by the music I practically felt his soul flying down the corridor. It was intense and obviously still lives with me today. I'm using that in a script I'm working on and that incident was about 20 years ago. Hopefully it will be made visual again. He's a daft old man addled by genuflecting critics and the like. Big trees ... so what? A Californian swimming pool? Looks like he needs to start having a good look around.
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    What about people with a Zune?

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    WTF is this?!?!? That's totally not conceited!!

    This quote reminds me of a Bruno clip in the Ali G show where "Bruno" interviews a "fashion-savvy" prick that says that fashion saves more lives than doctors.
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    So this decline started more than 30 years ago when sony introduced the walkman ?
    This is real nonsense. When there's something that is to blame it's maybe digital photography but not mp3. Most of us shoot more pictures than when they had to buy film and they have less physical prints.
    And even then I truely believe that artists can be more creative with up to date technology.
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    Well, music isn't just art -- it's art and science. :p
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    Hmm I feel that we are in a MORE visual age. And my opinion is worth at least as much as that dude's. :D

    We are inundated with all sorts of visual media. There are constant advertisements everywhere, videos in the palm of our hands, people watch more tv and movies than ever, and I would say that in current society, appearance matters more than ever. Perhaps we are becoming desensitized to visual things, but this is definitely a visual age.
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    IJ Reilly

    A good observation. A visual age, but visually bland if not downright offensive.
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    The iPod is to blame for the huge increase in the number of people listening getting down and funkay on the streets.
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    Personal devices like the iPod simply allow people to temporarily "tune out" whatever is around them, be it sounds or sights. That "escape" is what freaks weird old farts like this guy out. To him that an anti-social act. It's not right. It must be evil. How dare someone do something in front of him that he doesn't like. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    He rationalizes his rage against the iPod as being "about art," but it's really about this guy's hang-up(s)... "He has issues." :p
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    Said the man wearing a pink polka dot bowtie over a purple shirt.
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    That was my favorite quote in the whole thing, followed closely by

    for obvious reasons.
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    Maybe next he'll blame the iPod for those awful digital pictures they now sell at the carts in the mall.
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    He is basically right but on the other hand that's normal progression of society, things change. On the same note, iPod (and other gadgets) are definitely contributing to the "estrangement of man from man" (Karl Marx).

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