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iPods to Return to Target?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 28, 2003.

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    ThinkSecret notes there have been a few hints that iPods will be returning to Target this July.
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    It seems that the iPod just keeps getting more mainstream which can't be a bad thing. I'm looking forward to seeing other gadgets that will lure people in to using Macs.

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    Umm...this is no rumor

    My local target store has a sign in the electronics department stating that iPod's are returning soon. It's an official looking Target sign, not a crayon, hand-written note. So, I'd say that without a doubt, Thinksecret has done a great job with this rumor :D
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    it's just too bad, then, that the target 2 miles from my house is going out of business.
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    People do not go to Target to buy an iPod or most of the other electronics they sell. Best Buy and CompUSA are better suited to sell such a device.
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    The manager of the electronics dept. was behind the counter when I was in Target on Monday. Hoping for a $100 iPod, I asked if they had any in stock (Hey, it's Maine, so it's not completely unlikely) but there weren't any left. He did confirm that new ones would be in stock in July.

    If you search Target.com for iPod, only a Monster cable splitter comes up.... but click on that, and the new iPods are listed as related products. They are currently "Web Only" but even then, they are not available for order yet.
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    I never thought selling iPods to Windows users would benefit the mac user base. How wrong I was. After a week with an iPod, a friend of mine is out to buy a new mac.
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    That's how it worked with me. :cool:
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    Re: Umm...this is no rumor

    Yeah this is not a rumor. Same corporate sign at the Targets in my neck of the woods. They are supposed to be stocked in July.
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    The more good* outlets for apple products, the better.

    *Many former apple re-sellers should stay former.
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    Re: Umm...this is no rumor

    Great job? My local Target has had a sign saying 'Coming in July' for months. Must have taken some serious digging to figure this brilliant rumor out.
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    Re: Re: Umm...this is no rumor

    Well then, good job on getting the word out to the rest of us. :confused:

    I for one have been looking forward to Target announcing this, since if you sign up for a Target credit card, you get an additional 10% off of all you purchases, so why not sign up for the card on the day you buy the iPod?
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    IJ Reilly

    Best Buy? You pulling my leg here?

    I went into my local Best Buy last week to look at a new iPod. First of all, instead of them being in the "portable music players" section, they were on the other side of the store, with the PCs. When I found them, they were in sealed boxes, locked away in a cage. Nothing on display, nothing available for handling, let alone demonstration. When I asked the salesperson what was up with that, he launched into some story about how Apple sets the price or some such thing.

    When I finally got him to understand that I wanted to look at one, he suggested I go across the street to the CompUSA. Yup, you heard that right -- Best Buy would rather refer me to a competitor then show me the product.

    Prediction: six months from now, Best Buy will drop the iPod, and put the blame on Apple.
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Best Buy on the 'former Apple re-seller' list.... again.
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    Whoever that was should get fired.
    That is no way of doing business.
    A customer already choose you over other competitors, and you stupidly direct him to your competitor.
    How lovely.
    If only we have people like that in DELL who directs people to Apple store :p

    [edit]Edited for conclusion :cool: [/edit]
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    me too!
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    Jerry Spoon

    That may be true for some (or in my case, I do most of my electronics shopping online) but I bet you'd be suprised at how many people purposefully go to Target (or WalMart) to make a major purchase like a MP3 player, digital camera, or mini-dv cam. I guess it's just b/c they're comfortablw with the store.
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    IJ Reilly

    Then they'll have to fire the entire department, at least -- if not the entire store. The iPods weren't in the section of the store with the other portable music players, and were locked up in a cage when I did manage to find them. This, and the fact that no demos were available isn't the responsibility of one salesperson, even though his dumb answer only compounded the problem. Or more accurately, illustrated it.

    Put it this way, Target could not possibly be any worse.
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    For $7/hr from a twentysomething year old... how can you expect any better service? This is the biggest problem with BestBuy. They give no incentive for their employees to do a good job.


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