iPods Travelling Overseas... what do I need?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by firecrasher, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Hi, I want to take either my 2Gen Shuffle or my 80G Classic to the UK with me... what exactly do I need? I already have the iPod A/C adapter and a UK outlet adapter, and the Apple Store was hinting that I don't need a separate converter. I don't know if the Shuffle needs something different.

    Does anyone know if I can just go iPod ---> US A/C wall wart ---> UK outlet adapter?
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    I didn't have any iPods when I've been in the UK, but I have used an outlet adapter to plug my laptop in while in the UK. If nothing else, powering a laptop through the adapter and an iPod through the laptop's USB would work. But the iPod straight into the adapter should work, too. When getting an AC adapter for my touch, I went with the older one that looks like a scaled down Macbook adapter where you can remove the AC plugs and insert different ones. This adapter works with the World Travel Adapter Kit to become its own wall adapter, so it should also work with an external wall adapter. There are two different kinds of adapters: low wattage ones for electronics and high wattage ones for hair dryers, etc. You want to use one of the low wattage ones.
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    Just to confirm what jzuena said...I live in London and bought a US iPod which charges fine in the UK, either with a plug adaptor or a UK AC plug as jzuena says.

    If you're ever stuck or lose your adaptor, you can often find a suitable cable powering a clock/radio or similar and plug it into your iPod adaptor in place of the US plug...
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    I'm 5 ft 8

    Never mind about your ipod,just make sure you look left first before you cross the street :D
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    I'll take a photo of what I have and post it for your opinions?

    I lived in England for a while... in the days of Discmen :( I purposely didn't bring anything like a clock or hairdryer which required a converter, and I'm going to rely on the Regent St. Apple Store instead of carrying around a laptop for a week!

    The World Travel Adapter kit is too pricey for someone only headed to one country although it looks much sexier than the ones from Radio Shack.
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    Yes. That's all I use.

    UK voltage is 240V (compared to 115V in the US) but the wall chargers sold by Apple in the US can handle anything between 110 and 240. So you're good.

    All you need to buy extra is the outlet adapter (which will be about $3 - $5 at most US airports)

    You don't need an expensive voltage converter that steps down from 240 to 115 (about $80), nor do you need that World Traveller kit which is more to carry (and lose).
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    Now I don't have to worry about accidentally frying my little Shuffle! Thank you!
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    Bring the a/c charger/adaptor (unless you are also bringing your computer) and an UK adaptor plug. That's it.

    I always have the world set of adaptors for my iPods - I travel a lot - and, you simply add them on to the A/C charger/adaptor when you plug it in.

    Cheers and good luck

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