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iPodsDirtySecret authors not interested in Truth? An email ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 28, 2003.

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    Some people just like rattling the saber and then running off to watch the ensuing battle.
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    Wow. go server-dude Dave. He handled the situation quite well. Talk about the crummy people at ipodsdirtysecret. a big F you to them:mad:
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    This is a site that needs to be spread around.

    Sounds like all they cared about is spreading lies about the iPod.
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    Re: This is a site that needs to be spread around.

    yep, all they need now is to go way over on bandwidth to show them whos boss
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    Yup. I'll do my part to spread the word....but

    I can understand being upset with Apple after being told that an eighteen month iPod and its defective battery will cost me about the same to replace as a new iPod and their solution to my problem is to just simply "buy a new iPod instead" is a load of bullsh*t!!!. They offered no discount or truly helpful assistance when the original one was obviously defective and caused (a lot?) aggravation and distress. They should have tried harder to help this person (one never knows when one might find themselves in a similar situation).

    But if the condition that you found yourself in has change, you have the responsibility to report all the facts and information for the sake of truth and also for helping others who could be in the same predicament. This received a lot of attention and publicity and they could have succeeded in getting their point across and at the same time shown the improvements Apple made to their policy. But they didn't and missed out on a great opportunity and in turn are now being despised by the same community they thought they were protecting.

    I found this on macsurfer.com
    Macdirectory interviews the brothers. Seems like a bunch of lies to me.
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    good for that dave guy. Hope he took the mirror offline for good!
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    I've already started spreading the word. I've hit two iPod sites already because I think folks should know how these two are doing business.
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    It's interesting how far this has spread and what the general reaction has been.

    This is/was all over PC forums too and, from what I've seen, the video created more negative feelings towards the brothers than towards Apple or the iPod. Not because they disagreed w/what the brothers were saying, but because of how they were saying it. Kinda like how violent protests usually work against the protesters because people focus on their actions and don't pay attention to their message.

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    This site been posted everywhere even on car forums and such.
    I figure when they get to car forums they have pretty much reached everyone.

    But most folks don't like the fact what they are saying is untrue and either should be corrected or they should give viewers links to battery options.
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    Their video sucks, and the music they used is crap.

    My opinion anyway.
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    Re: I've posted an open letter

    These two wanks just want attention. They are hoping they will become celebrities or direct films one day. They want Hollywood or recognition in the Indie Film Community ultimately. Ultimately they just want to become famous and hopefully rich. I'm sure they dream of Sundance etc.

    Well screw them. Their little escapade has backfired on them and the Mac community is aggrivated with them. All they've done is alienated themselves.
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    How was it necessary for you to quote me?
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    Because I was responding after I read the letter you wrote, why? Does this bother you?
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    No, it is not a problem. I just didn't see the connection between your post and mine.
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    They got away with bandwidth stealing.

    Ah well.

    Good Job stealing!
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    edit: pays to read the links to the first post. Nevermind.
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    Score one for the good guys!
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    this whole incident has got to be one of the most transparent piece of self promotion I have had the misfortune to come across in a long time. Thanks guys, you have completely turned me off of guerilla art tactics and introduced a whole new level of cynicism to the mac community.
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    Not to mention the $250 replacement fee they were quoted was probably because their iPod was out of warranty. Besides they said they had a 1st Gen iPod and its battery only lasted 18 months... then how is it that it lasted that long since the iPod was released over 2 years ago? Maybe it just took them a long time to make the video ;)
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    Or maybe they didn't get an iPod the day it came out... :eek:

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