iPower, heh, i was bored

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by miketymikey, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Coming when the FCC and the EPA determine it doesn't cause cancer
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    LoL! :D What are those three holes for? 5.1 Dolby?:p
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    Yah, and why the double-plugs? To increase current capacity? I believe that you will max out the entire circuit before you ever max out one half of an outlet.
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    Ja Di ksw

    I expect this to be on MacOSXRumors.com within the week :D
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    As stupid as this thing it, it is a cool idea.

    I think the slogan is exactly along the lines of something that Apple would come up with if something like this were possible. Simple, but says a lot. Nice job. :)
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    Simply amazing. I want one now!

    I sure hope it works with my Powerbok G5!
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    yeah, i figured two adaptors because it will need both outlets...and the lights would be for....i have no idea...but they can think of something...

    this would be awesome....
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    Didn't you hear? Wireless Power, Wireless iPods and the ability to kill any Zune within a 10 mile radius over WiFi - all coming on the PowerBook G5, next Monday (it was so special they couldn't wait till Tuesday to release it)
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    What is you just 'happen' to have three-phase? :p:D :rolleyes:
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    Wireless power is posibble but it needs a high concentration of microwaves without anything in the way of what it is powering

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