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iQase for iPhone - Which Is Your Favorite?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Photography, Jun 27, 2007.


What is your favorite iQase for iPhone?

  1. iQase SKiN

    7 vote(s)
  2. iQase SWiFT

    16 vote(s)
  3. iQase FLiP

    3 vote(s)
  4. iQase RiTZ

    7 vote(s)
  5. iQase SiDE

    5 vote(s)
  6. None of them - I don't like these cases

    23 vote(s)
  7. Other (specify in thread)

    3 vote(s)
  1. Photography, Jun 27, 2007
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    Someone posted a link to the iQase website, which sells cases for iPhone, and they look very nice. Out of these cases, which do you believe is your favorite and why?

    And do you prefer the SWiFT or the SiDE (I'm currently debating between these two cases and was wondering what y'all thought)? Also, do you believe investing in the FiLM is a good idea if you plan on getting one of these nice cases?

    Just wondering what everyone's opinions were! :)
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    I ended up choosing the SWiFT (brown), no FiLM. :D
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    I bought the black SiDE, and it should be here tomorrow. I paid for 2day shipping!
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    Black SWiFT headed my way :)
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    The swift is almost exactly what I'm looking for, I just wish it didn't have a belt clip. (although the clip it has appears to be very nice in the fact that it doesn't protrude from the case much)
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    I have a knock off version of this case in black for my treo. I would like to see a version for the iphone. For some reason I really like how it opens down instead of up.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments and opinions thus far. I ended up choosing the SWiFT (Black), and I selected UPS 2 Day Air so it'll be here by this Friday in time to compliment my new iPhone! :D And I didn't purchase any FiLM either for it as I figured it'll be just fine without it.

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    I ordered the Swift as well.....:D :apple:
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    Did you get a shipping notice already? Just curious because I haven't yet.
  10. JNB
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    Black Swift.

    I strongly prefer holsters that hug closely to the body. Nothing worse than a frigging bulge sticking out getting caught on stuff and banging into doorways, snagging getting in & out of cars, etc. Since I wear straight cut shirts untucked most of the time, I'd just as soon not have a lump on my hip.
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    Cool, great to hear :D :apple:

    No, all I have is my Order Number, but I don't have any Tracking Number yet either. I do expect to get it this Friday in time for my iPhone since I purchased the UPS - 2nd Day Air shipping option to ensure prompt delivery. However, and I will be calling them tomorrow with the telephone number listed on their website to confirm this.

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    i like this one crytal clear case that at&t will be selling for the iPhone
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    wouldnt the magnetic clip erase your flash memory? or mess somthing
  14. Guest

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    I ordered mine on Monday evening and paid 2day air and it is currently in Houston and shall be delivered tomorrow morning. I guess that's not exactly 2 day, but the guy was nice enough to ship both mine and my brothers in the same shipment.
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    honestly i like the Ritz....only because when im using it i want unrestricted access. When im not using it, i dont want a chance at damage or fall out of the case .
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    I want a side mount holster that has a flap that goes over the phone. I always wear my phone on my belt.
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    Belkin has a 'holster' like the swift that I like better.
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    I've never personally been a fan of cases for iPods or iPhones or even other phones out there. I used to use an iSkin for my iPod, but I hated the added bulk, and it really hid the beauty of the device.

    No way that I'm relying on the designers of the skin to show off my phone -- I'll let Apple's designers have their day when I show it off to everybody. Plus, cases essentially give you reason to not treat your phone as good as need be -- whereas using it 'unprotected' means that I know I have to treat it good. ... and from what I've seen it seems durable and uneeding of a case.
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    the only real case that i have liked so far has been the Belkin Acrylic case... i really like that case
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    I've always been a fan of Vaja. They take about 2 weeks to make the case, but they're usually of high quality and genuine leather. iPhone cases are coming soon. I also like invisible shield although it may not be needed for iPhone due to its scratch resistant screen.

    My favorite from iQase, though, would be the iQase Skin. I like cases that allow you to use the product with the case on.

    Waiting for a few more to pop up before I order.
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    I ordered the Swift, SIde and Skin, ALL WITH FILM...because im getting 2 of them and me and the girlfriend are gonna decide on the cases we like by trying them!
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    Ha, nice. Talk about case coverage. I actually ordered a case from myincipio.com before discovering the beauty that is iQase.
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    I received my tracking number late last night... scheduled for delivery tomorrow, unfortunately to work (which I won't be at all day). Guess I'll make a little trip to pick it up after the AT&T store...
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    iQase has Arrived!

    I just got my iQase(s) SiDEs in the mail and am so excited I had to take pictures of them. It even came with a ballpoint pen! Ha, not sure why, but it did. I got a black and a brown. One for me and my brother :D

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