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iron on transfers/advice

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by puckhead193, Aug 14, 2006.

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    How hard/easy is it to do the iron on transfers? how long do u think it will take to make about 15 of them?
    My group is performing "who let the dogs out" in front of their parents. They have dance moves etc. But a lot of groups their counselors made shirts for them or have some form of a costume like one group has blow up guitars/microphones, visors, etc. The person in charged said they are going to make doggy ears, but i don't see that happening. Do you think i should make up shirts.

    I made up a mock of the survivor logo with the camp name, and on the bottom, the group name and year.
    Should i ruin my whole night and make them or not? If you were a parent and other kids got shirts, blow up stuff, would u be upset if the kids got nothing - its not my responsibility but still...
  2. j26
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    It's easy enough, but takes a little time. Each one takes about 3 minutes to iron on, and then of course the printing time, and removing the backing sheet needs to be done carefully.

    Just remember to mirror the image, or it turns out backwards.
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    It is relatively easy to do...

    Two things to watch out for - don't have the iron too hot or you can make the edge of the transfer yellow slightly. And make sure you keep it on the edges long enough and push down hard or it will peel round the edges.
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    I would try this:

    go to a dry cleaner/laundry place (any place that has one of those big, ironing-board sized irons), and see if you can get them to do the actual ironing for you. The transfers really work best if there's even heat/pressure applied over the same area for the same amount of time...kind of hard to do with a regular home iron.

    or this:

    You might check with a local screen printing place or two...one of them might have an old transfer press lying around. I'm sure they'd be happy to do the transfers for you...

    15 of these with a home iron...dunno how long exactly, but longer than you'll want to spend doing them, that's for sure.

    As for whether or not you should...yeesh. Who knows?

    What's your time frame? You have to have them by when, tonight?
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    i would have to do this tonight... for tomorrow morning :eek:
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    in that amount of time, I'm not sure it's worth it. If you rush through it then chances are they're going to suck.

    at this point, you might want to bite the bullet and go the pre-printed route. I'm sure there are any number of athletic team-looking tees available at Goody's, Kohl's, Target...you might hop onto one of their websites and see what's available.

    I know it's not athletics, per se, but it might be a neat angle...playing up the "team" aspect of it.

    best of luck
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    If you can, trim the graphics around the edges so you don't iron on the entire sheet. For the most part, even though the sheet is 'transparent', you can still see the clear blank areas of the sheet once they're ironed on. Looks a bit crappy.
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    Make sure to us white or very light colored shirts. Iron on transfers will not work on dark fabric.
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    thanks for the replies guys/girls! I did it and it wasn't too bad, got them done in about an hr. They look good. I should have trimmed around the graphic, so it was just the graphic and not excess paper. But given my short time schedule it worked out pretty well. I hope my kids appreciate the work i did tonight.

    i want to make my own shirts now with an apple theme in mind ;) i wouldn't mind also having a black hoodie with just a simple white apple logo on it... :cool:
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    removing white from iron ons

    Hey anyone know how to remove the excess transparent bits from an iron on transfer shirt?

    forgot to cut off the white bits before ironing.
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    You can cut it out now :D

    Honestly I don't know of a way.
  12. Lau

    No, I think anything involving more heat would make even more of a mess to be honest.

    Although this is a joke, it is one possible fix, if you don't mind sacrificing the t-shirt – cut it out of the t-shirt you ironed it on, and sew it onto another t-shirt.

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