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Irresponsible dog owner must keep photo of child victim

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by TimDaddy, Mar 7, 2004.

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    Woman to Hang Dead Child's Photo in Cell

    WICKLIFFE, Ky. (AP) - A woman whose dog mauled a 5-year-old boy to death was ordered to serve six months in jail with a picture of the child on her cell wall.

    The 8-by-11-inch photograph of T.J. Adams was taken when he was hospitalized after the attack in June 2002.

    Latasha Laster, 23, will serve the sentence around her work and college schedule and must perform 300 hours of community service, Judge Will Shadoan ruled Friday.

    ``She's done a very stupid thing,'' Shadoan said. ``It cost a little boy his life.''
    Laster pleaded guilty to reckless homicide.

    T.J. was visiting his grandmother next door to Laster's home in Wickliffe, in western Kentucky, when he was attacked. He died two days later.

    Investigators said the 70-pound wolf hybrid was on a 20-foot chain, which allowed the dog to cross into the grandmother's property and attack the child.

    Authorities shot the animal after the attack.

    03/06/04 16:06
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    The really sad thing is that she only got six months.

    People are responsible for their pets...this is a shame.
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    she got off easily i mean she doesnt have to give up work and school to serve her sentence she gets to serve it around her schedule
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    I just don't understand how people can be so irresponsible as to get a dog and not train it properly. These types of people give all dog owners a bad name and six months in jail around your schedule is nothing compared to the death of someone's son.

    I am sure this thread was supposed to be about the picture of the boy required to be in the cell but the fact this woman only got six months is outrageous.
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    These kind of Dog owners really are a nightmare. They actually train dogs to be aggressive in order to protect their property. Where I used to live our next door neighbour had a 100+lb rotweiler which they kept outside the whole time, he was a really nice dog when he got to know you. But he was still really intimidating, we always felt bad for him being kept outside all the time. He even stopped a break in at our house one night, but I'd still rather he'd been kept inside and treated better. What is more important having your TV stolen or a kid losing his life!

    We've had all those Mac v PC debates, now for the really important one dogs vs cats.

    I'm on the cats side
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    I used to be totally a cat person too, but then my girlfriend got us a Yorkshire Terrior. That dog could turn you from an dog hater into a dog lover in no time.

    I don't care much for big dogs but I do love little dogs and cats.
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    same here i don't like the idea of keeping a pet which can kill you or other people :rolleyes:
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    Our dog is a pit bull/boxer mix. We got her because no one else wanted her. I took a chance, considering I had small children. But, I had the same mix from the time I was twelve until I was arund twenty. She was the best dog I have ever owned. This dog has been just as good. She plays rough, she occasionally slightly hurts the kids by knocking them down. But, she has never shown any aggression toward anyone. Even when playing, she has never gotten excited and bitten too hard. If I kept her chained up in the yard, it may be a completely different story. I don't know, because I don't plan to do that. If I hadn't taken her home last year, she would have been euthenized by now. And, that's not because she was aggressive. Nobody wanted her because she looks like a big mean baby-eater.

    If you treat a dog as a toy or machine, then it will care for you about that much. If you treat your dog as a part of your family, you will probably be ok.
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    Yea, my Yorkie knew she was part of the family. She wouldn't even sleep in her own bed, she always had to sleep in my bed under the covers. She also really hated be home alone but I think that was a different problem.
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    About the sentence:
    As bad and stupid as the owner might have been, its cruelty to have her in a cell witht he picture of the kid. The sentence is supposed to be the jail time and the community work, not destroying her spirit. My guess is that she is enough troubled as it is by the incident.

    About dog owner:
    My girlfriend is a vet so I hear a lot of stories. Most of the problems are related to a lack of education. Its not because a dog look aggressive that he is. The best exemple are rotweiler. These are big dog but arent aggressive by nature. You hear so much problem about these because the only people who get them are idiots who think (and train) these dogs to be aggresive. In a good family, these can act like big babies.

    By nature dogs arent generaly aggresive. The real danger with some species is that they can be unpredictable when under stress and how easy it is to stress them. A good exemple of this are dutch shepard (berger allemand? sp?). These dogs have been badly breed (inbreeding / mixed with other races) and now have some serious mental problems. Would the dog be with a kid and a car pass too fast or it hear gun shot on tv, it can panic and bite the kid.

    People thinking when getting a dog is almost as the same as when getting a car: they want to project an image of themselves and dont look at their real needs and personnality. This is why people get Dalmatians , Rotweiler and SUV....
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    i have to agree on your post but i have to add one note: "deutscher schäferhund" (i guess thats what you meant i have no clue how it is called in english) is really the dog witch bite the most here , were rottweiler are (well teached) pure familiy dogs ... most "german shepard" was badly breed in the last decades but the 'original' dog hadn't the same amount of muscles etc. they had large endurance and were fast before mis-breeding them ...they 'lost' their purpose as a "shepard" dog and breeding tourned out the bad of them.. for purposes like searching in avalanches,searching for drugs,police dog etc. the 'shepard' is easy to train (but as a backdraft: also easy to train them wrong)

    the 'shepard' never was a familiy dog,but some people are still getting them for their families :rolleyes: i guess it is really the same with those SUVs...people think more about prestige, than whats best for them
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    Thanks for the correction!

    You are also good to note that most of the dogs that we find in family now werent originaly designed for it. The dalmatian is a perfect exemple: this dog as designed to protect caravan from dogs / wolf pack attacks. So its a fast dog who doesnt tolerate much the presence of other dogs / animal and can quickly become agressive. But at the same time, its very loyal to its human master. So the dalmatian isnt a bad dog, its just that its not the best dog one can get when you have kids or other animals.

    Education is everything, as much for human as for animals. I strongly beleive that one should pass a test / get a permit to have an animal. It would be a good way to see if the owner is really interested in getting it or if it was just a spur of the moment decision. The same could also be said about having kids...

    My favorite dogs are leonbert (sp?) (these are HUGE dogs) and brac (sp again?). Both are big dogs and I live in a loft so I guess I will only be able to get them the day I move outside the city...
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    My wife and I have had several large dogs. It is all in how you raise them. I think that if you have to chain a dog, then you should not own thee dog. It tends to make them mean. They are always trying to get loose and then they go crazy.

    That is a very sad case. I hope that she has shown remorse and realizes what she has done. She is a person that has no business owning a dog.

    She should be very thankful that she found such a lenient judge.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends.
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    I'm not sure about the sentence. I tend to like to see a lot more jail time when someone is killed, but this stupid girl was young and has her whole life ahead of her. So, she is getting punished, and hopefully, looking at that picture every morning when she is in jail will stop her from being so stupid again.

    On the subject of chained dogs: When I was in Middle School, there was a house across the street with a backyard that led to my neighborhood. If you stuck to the streets, it was a long walk home with lots of truck traffic. So, most of us just cut throught the back yard. They had this little mutt chained up around back. Some of the kids would throw rocks or tease it. The dog couldn't have stood more than a foot tall. One day, when I was alone, I felt sorry for the dog. I walked over slowly and extended my fist. It didn't bite. I got down on my knees and started to pet it. It seemed nervous, but wasn't trying to get away. Before I knew it, it had clamped down on my stomach! I had to grab its jaws and physically force its mouth open to get it off. When I started to run, it grabbed my pant leg and I fell. It started dragging me back toward its house! I actually moved backward several inches, and I was a big ole' fat seventh grader! I finally got ahold of the ground with my free foot and escaped! Lessons learned: Don't pet dogs that you don't know. Don't pet a dog that you KNOW has been tormented by mean kids. If the dog is on a chain, and you insist on petting it, make it come to the end of its range. That way, you can at least get away with whatever parts of our body that he doesn't remove! I still have a scar on my belly to this day.
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    I don't care if you decide to get a dog, or a pack of dogs, or what breed or how vicious they are. Or how you train them, or where you keep them. When you get a big dog, you're getting a machine capable of destruction, and you must realize that it's a big risk. She took the risk, she played roulette, and she lost. I wish she had gotten more time, I mean you get 6 months for smoking weed, come on. I love the photo idea tho, I remember a judge doing this to a drunk driver-- made her (i think her) carry around a photo of her victim in his casket, at all times. I don't want these people to forget their mistakes.

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    and because of that i like our 2 cats ...they can't hurt you much (expect you are a small grey mouse) and the only risk for you is if you didn't watch out, you have suddenly have 10 additional smaller cats running around in your house which all look the same ... my mother went nearly insane because they tried to sharpen their claws nearly everywhere ...
    for us as kids it was endless fun playing with them ;) but i'm getting offtopic and turning this into a cat vs. dog thread. i stop now.

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