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is 11" USB port powered?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sbb155, Mar 13, 2011.

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    None of my external drives will show up when plugged into my 11" air. They spin, but dont come up
    Is it a power issue? Or is this normal?
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    Charlie Sheen

    my 11" macbook air is able to power an external optical drive without power suply and the disk shows up as normal.try mounting the via the terminal
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    my western digital drive shows, but not seagate x2
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    Charlie Sheen

    does the other drive require an external power supply?
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    nope none do on my MBP 15".... is this some problem?
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    My Seagate works on my MBA 13" with or without power cord.
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    Charlie Sheen

    weird it should at least show up. i'd say you mount it in the terminal if nothing happens then it may be a disk failure. but of course if it works on other machines with windows or linux on them then it truly is a weird issue.

    edit: did you try both ports? and did you try to plug it in with the mba charging?
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    both times the drive was plugged into a MBA that was charging
    tried both ports
    how do i mount with terminal?
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    Charlie Sheen

    Ok so my linux use has apearently spoiled me. You should see the disk in disk utilities if not then i think you should try it with a different computer. Ask you friend or something.
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    I think all USB ports on all PC's or Mac's are bus powered. Problem is that some external devices need more power than the USB can deliver and consequently do not work.
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    Yes, but the drives work in my MBP... so I am wondering if anyone else had this problem
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    Have you tried it on BOTH of your MBA USB Potts? I think that only one of them is capable of supplying power to an external device.

    EDIT: At least that is what I've seen on my 11.6" MBA.
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    yes I have tried both! Of course!!!!
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    go to your finder preferences and check the box so that hard drives show up, that could be a fix, maybe?

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