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is a MBA still better than PBG4?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by azngamer808, Feb 4, 2008.

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    i currently have a powerbook g4 (1.5 ghz, 512 mb ddr sdram). it's like 4 years old but it's still running decently well. but the lightness of the mba is really impressive to me and i was planning on buying something new anyways. is the entry level mba still going to be better than my current laptop?
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    It'd be nice to know what you use your computer for first.
  3. TEG
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    Most definately... YES!

    1) MBA uses Core 2 Duo (a 64-bit chip).
    2) More Ram.
    3) More Speed.

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    It's going to be quite a bit faster, but if you need Firewire, an expansion card slot, etc., then the question is moot.
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    Much Ado

    Performance-wise, the MBA will grind the PowerBook into the dust.
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    your powerbook has a fsb of 167mhz, the MBA has an fsb of 667mhz, it'll do donuts around the powerbook.
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    thanks. i was pretty sure that would be the case since my laptop is so old, but just wanted to double check after seeing so many posts complaining about the mba lack of power.

    one more question, how well, if at all, will boot camp run on a mba?
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    800MHz actually... It'll do reverse doughnuts around the powerbook.
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    Plus it's sexy... it'll shoot laser beams and curve them around teh powerbook.

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