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Is a true Leica digital R coming?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by wmmk, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Looks interesting. I've always loved everything made by Leica and greatly respected the company for helping thousands of people out of concentration camps during the Holocaust. Anyhow, I'm sure this would cost a lot, but it may push the current Digital Modul R price down enough to make it fairly obtainable along with a used R8, which is currently available at around $800 used. Man, I hope this is real!
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    Not really related to the actual subject of the post:

    Leica didn't take people out of the concentration camps, they just helped transport Jews out of Germany BEFORE the holocaust.
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    I see. I suppose the place I read that was giving misinformation. Given the fact that I myself am Jewish (and a Leica fanatic), I suppose this could be a good subject to research a bit...
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    She's definitely a comin. But when is anyone's guess.
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    Yupp, I agree. As it is now, the M8 is less money than the R9 with digital back, and the M8 isn't cheap.
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    How much is the digital back alone? I can't find it anywhere!
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    For the digital back only
    M.S.P. price: $5,950
    Student price: $4,761

    ...as I said expensive, very expensive
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    Yes. Thanks for the chart though!
    I wish I could save up for the D-Lux3, but I'm probably either doing an unpaid photo internship or volunteering on a political campaign this summer, and I'll be taking extra courses at school the three after that because of my not being able to take science classes during the year due to being on the HS debate team. By the time I can get a good job (summer or real), I'll have student loans to pay, and that Leica discount will be gone!:mad:
    Oh well, I shouldn't forget that it's what's behind the camera that matters;)
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    There you go.
    Still I wouldn't give up hope just yet. The student prices in the list I posted before are for college/university students only. You are not eligible to buy at those prices as a high school student.
    There is still time...

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