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Is an iMac g4 1.25ghz 17" worth ~$190?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by raysfan81, Feb 2, 2010.

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    It has a 40gig hd and 768mb of ram. Opinions?
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    $50 sounds better

    EDIT: Took a look at eBay and 100-150$ sounds reasonable.
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    Mac2Sell.net says $170. I think that is a bit high. $150 would be reasonable since it will run Tiger and Leopard (with more RAM).
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    wow $190 that are not even £ 120 , for that money you maybe just get a imac g4 700mhz 15 inch model here

    like that one sold for exact the 190 dollars if you convert it , and can be considered as a absolute bargain

    for a 1.25 g4 iMac with 17" you look at about double that if its in good condition even more

    for the 20" you can easy triple the price

    so if you ask me $190 are a bargain if its in working condition :)
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    It looks good to me, but the downsides are no restore disks, it has panther on it, and no keyboard or mouse.
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    I'd pay about $75 for this machine. 768 MB of ram is pretty minimal by todays standards.
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    Good point but i would upgrade it anyway. Too bad it's on eBay. Price negotiation doesn't usually work too well :(
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    tell the seller you agree to the 190 but only if he includes the keyboard and mouse and the restore discs ,and of course the original apple pro speakers , as that how apple shipped the imac, you want alt least the original condition for that price ,
    scratches , dead pixel are something else they are something you get on a used computer
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    Are you sure you can upgrade the ram ? If my memory is correct the iMac G4 has only one upgradable ram slot. The second slot can not be reached unless you dismantle the machine.
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    Better check RAM prices first; www.crucial.com should give you some idea. This old iMac doesn't take the cheap 2 GB chips that a brand new Mac would take. Upgrading RAM will cost you real money.
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