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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by branjosef, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Is anybody else tired of this. When I have an iphone and I am out and about trying to take pictures of all my overweight friends, I have to stand back really far just to get them in the shot. :eek: I would think that Steve Jobs could have taken this into account since recent reports indicate that almost 2/3 of all Americans are overweight. I love the widescreen and it helps alot but come on! Do I really need to stand back THAT FAR. :mad: I get tired just walking back to them. :confused:

    I would think that they could add some sort of software that could compensate for such obese people, or maybe make the screen just a tad bit wider...say a 13". :) Then I could take pics of my two favorite ladies without loosing an ounce of their preciousness. :cool: I know we have an app for checking out local chinese restuarants when you are in Arkansas :eek:as well as an app for staying up with the latest Nine Inch Nails news (didn't know they were still around) :confused: but maybe we could have an app that allows for proper photographing of overweight people or a hardware update? :D:D
    Who knows, Maybe this will be addressed in 3.0. Cheers ;)
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    i think you missed this one - :eek:
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    No offense, but what the hell are you talking about?:confused::confused:
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    How far do you have to stand back compare to a regular person?

    Perhaps you did not realize you are out of shape, or perhaps fat yourself?
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    the iphone is size-ist didnt you know? ;)
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    Wow, its really far!! I mean I have a little junk in the trunk..maybe some spare food in the gut for lean times, but Its really tiresome. I try to get in shape. I watch all the workout infommercials at night with a bag of low fat doritos drinking my diet pepsi. :rolleyes: :D:D
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    That's easy to fix. Find new friends that isn't overweight. :cool:
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    Thanks a lot! Now whenever I back up while taking a picture of someone they're going to think I'm saying they're fat!
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    Are you, like, some super funny forum comedian or something?

    What's with these "joke" threads?
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    Private Dirt

    I like the joke threads... everyone always seems to be wound too tight on this sight.

    Its a nice break from the tension IMO.
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    Spam anyone?
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    Yeah, everyone likes a good joke thread. A GOOD joke thread. This one is teh fail.
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    Maybe you shouldn't have such fat friends.
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    To answer your question: no.
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    ooof got the douche chills on that one.
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    I hope you realize you can actually rotate your phone to take photos in landscape.
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    This will be addressed with the iPhone software 4.0 XL. :)

    Great post, branjosef. You made my day.

    Edit: branjosef got a time out for that? :confused::confused::confused:

    Come on, moderators. You can't be serious about that. That was a funny and elaborate post. :)
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    I'm not sure the best way to combat obesity and over-consumption is by making accommodations for it. There's a reason you can't smoke it most bars/restaurants these days.
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