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Is anyone else bother by the downright stupid comments of some reviewers?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Chone, Aug 14, 2006.

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    For example check this out:

    "The Mac Pro's built-in speaker is a disappointment, though, and the startup sound practically embarassing. Apple's Power Macs have traditionally produced a full sound evocative of their computing power, even with their inexpensive speakers. But the Mac Pro sounds like a tinny AM radio or cheap PC clone. It's an odd way to cheapen the user experience of such an otherwise-outstanding machine."

    I mean what kind of stupid comment that is? They even went as far as to record an audio file and compare across 3 machines... no one is going to use the Mac Pro's with built-in speakers and even if you can make built in speakers the best (for built in) its still going to sound weak. It so stupid it makes me bad.

    Any other reviewer comments about the Mac Pro you thought were stupid? Post them here:)
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    If they have a problem with the built in speakers, and they have proof of how terrible it sounds, i dont see how you can say its a bad review.
    Now i know most of you are going to be offended by this hellish remark, but just think of how you would react if the machine was a dell.
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    Yeah, they also complain about PowerPC apps being slower than on the G5, no shït people.
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    Not gonna lie - that is pretty damn funny. The built-in speaker? MAN these guys have some time on their hands...:p

    Do PCs have integrated speakers in their towers? When my sister got her Mini, she thought it was hilarious that it had built-in speakers. She was like, "not only can they make a computer that's as powerful as a Dell tower in 1/6 the size, but they can even squeeze a speaker inside of it as well...".
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    The CNet reviews always get me, the woman reviews the Mac Pro like she's never seen a Mac before. "It's actually nicely laid out inside" my thought: of course, it's an Apple. "That's up to 2 TB of storage if you're really crazy and have a lot of digital files" my thoughts: It's for pro users that would be doing video editing which needs the huge amounts of storage.
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    Maybe it's a compliment...

    I kinda see it as an indication of how good the Mac Pro is. If all you can find to complain about is the built in speaker then I would call this computer a big success.
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    "Apple's Power Macs have traditionally produced a full sound evocative of their computing power"
    That's laughable. I've used nearly every model of PowerMac from the 6100 to the G5. All of them had terrible sound. What do you excpect with one, yeah thats right, one, tiny speaker. iMacs and eMacs have decent sound but not PowerMacs. The reviewer should just be happy that there is any speaker at all included. PCs dont usually have built-in speakers. Instead they usually come with cheap $5 external speakers. I'll take a cheap internal speaker over more wires and power cords any day. If I want good sound, I'll go buy a nice 5.2 speaker set.
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    It's a longtime Mac site, and they review things the way a typical Mac user would: picky, picky, picky. What's wrong with doing a review from that perspective?

    Just about all PCs still have at least the silly little legacy speaker that's good for little more than beeps, and some (especially business desktops) do also have speakers hooked to the sound card/chipset.

    That little beeper is actually surprisingly capable. There used to be a little DOS program that could even do text-to-speech out of it!
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    Hahaha yes!
    Best sound ever. Same as an atari.
    very entertaining.
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    My old PC box had crummy speakers but my new one only has the "bleeper" which is actually pretty cool :)

    My PowerMac G4 built in speakers sound pathetically weak, of course I did not expect anymore, after all if I spend 3500$ on a machine I'm not going to use the built in speakers.
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    Link? I gotta hear this :p
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    I read a couple of reviews where people complained about the case looks... And then said that the RaidMAX series of PC cases were far more appealing :)

    I almost died laughing at that one... I mean, I'm a LONG TIME PC builder/user... the ONE BIG thing that Apple has ALWAYS had over the PC market is the fact that Apple computers always look good outside, and they are IMMACULATE inside...

    Now.. All I need is a darn window on the side of my mac pro, and some lcd and black lights in the case!!!!
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    I read somewhere they rated the MBP 6.9 yet all the user raters were from 8-10. Must say something eh :rolleyes: I dont understand why people have such a grudge with macs
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    To be honest, you're right - I'd rather read a review that's gets as specific as reviewing the internal speaker than something like the CNET review, which basically goes through the common specs (which you could find on Apple's site anyway).

    Still, though - is the Mac Pro's speaker really THAT much worse than those in the PowerMacs (which were lousy anyway...:confused: )
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but would it be safe to say the eMac had the best built-in speakers of all the Mac computers?

    But yeah it is funny that the only complaint about the MacPro is the built-in speakers.
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    Ah gee, I really can't remember what it was called. This was back when most people still used DOS. The closest I can find on the Internet is a Windows driver called SpkQQ, and of course at some point Windows had an internal speaker driver too.

    Those were very nice, but some of those eMacs were noisy, um, things. I kind of liked the little globe speakers that were included with cubes and iLamps too.
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    Yeah those were cool speakers too. Great sound for such a small little piece of equipment. But they aren't built in :p
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    And no one would care if the Mac Pro had a crap internal speaker if it came with a set of those :p :D
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    Phil A.

    That review concludes with the following sentence:
    "Any Mac workstation buyer whose workflow is already Intel-compatible has no reason not to buy a Mac Pro. It's very fast, it's very expandable, and it's beautiful – everything we expect from Apple's "pro" Mac."

    Can't see anything to complain about there ;)

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