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Is Apple and their iPhone really worth all that comes with it?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Brounmoney, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Brounmoney, Jan 30, 2013
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    Ok so I am a long time buyer of Apple products and notice I did not say fan. I had the iphone 3G then the iphone 4. I also have a MacBook and an ipad 2. While I like the products Apple has as a company I am not too fond of. After I was tired of my iphone 4 I got an android phone and had several before getting the iphone 5 which is what I am using currently.

    I wanted to give you some back ground before I went into my rant or whatever you want to call it. Ok so I have heard it many times from people the phrase " iPhone *******" and really did not think that much of it. I am really starting to understand why they would say that. After seeing 3 or 4 iphone keynotes over the iPhones lifetime it seems Apple has this mind set of look at how great we are. Why did Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook have to tell us every time how many apps have been paid for and downloaded, and how many apps there are in the App Store. We all know how big the App Store is and how they sell a ton them. Also they point out how the iphone they are holding in there hand is the best smartphone ever made and nothing can come close. Then they decide they need to show us how well the last iphone sold. Why just let us decide with our money how awesome the iphone is. It just has that douche bag mind set of greatness. Now I am not saying that Apple should not get praised for there great products, but let other people do that not do it yourself it come off like you are an *******. Customers who buy the iphone get roped into that same category.

    I am not saying that being called an iphone ***** is something to keep someone from buying an iphone. Just think about why you are buying an iphone. Is it because you love the phone and the feature it brings or are you buying into the mind set of look how cool I am I got an iphone. I mean people go out of the way to get a case that shows the apple logo.

    I am not saying every owner of an iPhone is like this, but we get grouped into that category when we do buy them. Stereotypes have to start from something, and this one is one of the many that have enough evidence to back it. It just makes me hate Apple and what they state for even more. I am sure most of the comments I get want help me like them any more either.
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    There's nothing worse than a self-loathing Apple user.
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    There is nothing worse than Apple lovers that will defend Apple to the bitter end.
  4. scaredpoet, Jan 30, 2013
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    What's to defend? Apple is a business, and it makes good business sense to let people know how good they're doing. What would you propose that Apple do? Talk about how lousy they are? Say they'll never, ever get as good as they were when Steve was alive?

    And what about other companies? Samsung enjoys telling people that if you're not using THEIR phones, you're either an out-of-touch ignorant hipster or an old luddite who isn't in touch with The Next Big Thing. They actively insult people. that's acceptable behavior?

    All I've done is point out that as much as you claim to hate Apple, you appear to keep buying their products. Why? Do you enjoy hating yourself? That's the only reason I can fathom, if you don't think the products are as good as Apple says they are.

    in any case, if you keep giving Apple your money, you're only rewarding what you feel is bad behavior. If you want the behavior to stop, you should probably stop giving them your money.
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    Confidence not arrogance.

    Although, this years "best smartphone ever" is tomorrow's landfill fodder.
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    No like I said I come to realize what Apple has become. Now I will rethink my next Apple purchase if I ever make another one.

    You said you are fine with how they talk about how awesome their products are. You said other companies like Samsung do the same thing. I am not so sure about this. Try watch one of googles keynotes about their nexus phones or tablets. They don't tell how how awesome the new nexus is they just display it and tell us the features. I understand that Apple should think their products are great, but that does not mean they need to tell us about it. Yes they do need to believe in the product and think it is the best product on the market, but really to keep telling the public that is just over kill.

    It is like some one you kind of call your friend, but you really don't like them that much cause all they ever do is talk about them selfs. It like them telling you look at these awesome sunglasses I got they are the best sunglasses ever made. They fit your head perfectly. They block the most sun out of any sunglasses ever made. You get tired of hearing about the sunglasses. Some is get tired of hearing about Apple and their great iphone.


    Are you saying they are confident not arrogant? Cause I think they are arrogant
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    Small White Car

    "Dediu estimates that Samsung now spends more on marketing its mobile devices than Apple (AAPL), HP (HPQ), Dell (DELL) Microsoft (MSFT) and Coca Cola (KO) combined spend on all their products."

    (Emphasis is mine.)

    All that money buys a lot of bragging. They're not spending billions on charity.
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    Yea so Samsung has some commercials that say they have the next big thing. I don't think that is the same as saying " here is the iphone 5 the best smartphone on the market. Here look at our market share". I like the Apple commercials I think they are smart and work. I am talking about the keynotes and interviews that Apple has.
  9. Zerilos, Jan 30, 2013
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    I love people who make massive generalizations off of a single internet thread. Way to go man!!!
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    Honestly, some of u are waaaay too emotionally involved with a gadget and the company which makes it.
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    They are just another company. If you like their products then buy from them. If you don't like their products, then don't buy from them. I still don't understand the angst some people have when it comes to Apple.
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    Small White Car

    Ok, so when Samsung says their phones are the best on tv that's cool, but when Apple says it to a room full of reporters that's annoying?

    Apparently it's the "telling reporters" part that bothers you, since that's the only difference.

    I think scaredpoet got it right in the second post.
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    You're talking about Keynotes and earning calls. One event is meant to showcase new products and reflect on the success of its predecessor and give a general idea of how well it's stores are doing. This info isn't aimed at you the consumer, it's aimed at the developers. It's a way to say, here's what the iPhone did this year, here's what the App Store did this year. Are you part of that success? The other is earnings calls. That's a no brainer. If you're talking about interviews that T.Cook gives and he quotes iPhone/iPad/Mac sales figures. It's usually a way to dodge a direct answer to a question about the future of apple products and where there going.

    In the end, it's a business and businesses are in business to make money. Apple seems to be doing pretty well in that department.
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    Ok sorry I guess I am the only one that likes to bash Apple. Oh and those commercials make me laugh every time!

    I did not mean to get everyone so mad. I just thought Apple to be a little more arrogant than other companies maybe I am wrong.
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    Small White Car

    I love bashing Apple. I can talk for hours about iCloud and Mac user accounts and the many problems between them.

    It's when you say that some other company with the same exact issues is better, that people start going :confused:
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    Yea I could not agree more about Apple being in a business to make money, and maybe you are right about the keynotes being about them telling developers and not consumers. Maybe I had it all wrong, but thought process still seems to spill over to the consumer. If the post I had yesterday was not locked I would say go check it out. I got so much hate from people for saying Apple was at fault for something.
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    Is Apple and their iphone really worth all that comes with it?

    Absolutely yes.
  18. BHP41, Jan 30, 2013
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    I don't think anyone that has posted is mad. I also don't believe Apple is arrogant. Which is "an exaggerated opinion of ones importance or abilities" They are confident on their product and believe that they make the best smartphone available. I would agree, some do not. But they don't come off as arrogant to me. Who is arrogant, Samsung, they belittle potential customers with their ads. Telling them that if your not using our product you're behind,not cool,old. That's arrogance. Not posting sales figures.

    I do want to add one thing to this post. Steve Jobs could come off a bit arrogant at times. The whole "you're holding it wrong" fiasco defines the word. Was he always like this no, but he had his moments. Tim Cook isn't anything like that. Take Apple Maps for example. I personally have had no issues with it but there are/was plenty of users that did. If Tim Cook had come out and said that there was nothing wrong with the maps app it would have been a arrogant statement because there are obviously issues that needed to be addressed. Instead he publicly apologized and admitted that it had problems and wasn't up to Apple standards and they are throwing everything at it to resolve the issues for their users. A far cry from arrogance. It's one reason that Forestall isn't their anymore. He had that arrogance you speak of and Tim's taken care of it.
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    Yea I mean I think Samsung went after the stereotypes that Apple customers have. I know it was kind of arrogant a bit, but it made me laugh. Also I do believe Apple deserved it because this was not long after they sued Samsung and stop the sale of the galaxy nexus in the US because you slide to unlock. that case was kind of stupid on Apples part. Those type of things are what make me dislike them.
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    This just further illustrates the double standard: one company is being very, very bad for talking positively about themselves, while a different company is being very, very good for going negative and ridiculing the behavior of people they disagree with. In what universe does that make sense?

    I would go on to suggest that your despising of Apple's talking highly of their accomplishments would seem to indicate that you somehow want them to fail. Why does that matter to you so much? Apple is a corporation. If they fail or not, your life isn't affected by that.

    Well, actually, I take that back. If Apple WERE to go under, I guess that means you'd be forced to stop buying Apple products, since they wouldn't be made anymore. So since that's something you don't want to be doing yet can't seem to stop, this would be a positive thing?

    Makes sense, I guess.

    Fortunately, you didn't actually make anyone mad, except maybe yourself. It seems like the only one with a real beef here would be you, towards Apple.
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    Every company wants u to believe that their products are the best. I've never seen a commercial that says "hey, we know <insert competitor> is better, but buy our product anyway.

    And YES, of course Apple is going to announce their #'s. why? Because the numbers are truly mind boggling. They want people to know how well they are doing. I don't know why it bothers u that they "brag" about being successful. Apples story is amazing all the way around. Personally, I love hearing how great they are doing.
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    Yea I guess they seems to be case. I mean tell me you did not laugh at those commercials? They are funny. I know they are not the best taste and Samsung is being kind of arrogant, but I think it was all in good fun. Also look at my post right before this and how I think Apple had one coming to them.
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    This is arrogant at all :rolleyes:


    I do feel that apple likes to overhype it's products quite often, but I don't care. I enjoy using them and they work for me and what I need out of life. You have to believe you are the best at what you do with a business like this. If you don't have the confidence in your own products, then the consumers will see that and stop caring.

    I honestly hate whenever anyone says in a keynote "This is the best "insert product" we've ever made." Well I should certainly hope it is. If you deliberately made it worse than last years, I'd say there's something wrong with you.
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    Why not? Gap has something similar. So do some other upscale dept. stores; Nordstrom's, etc...

    Next time you're in an area that has a Microsoft store, go check it out and see if it doesn't look familiar...?

    It's a type of branding. You seem to have way too much time on your hands, or have a real hair across your a$$ about Apple?
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