Is Apple coming out with a new G5 model this fall?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by monogee, Jul 14, 2006.

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    Is Apple coming out with a new G5 model this fall? Thanks
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    Nope; the PowerPC architecture is done. Apple will be replacing its two remaining G5 machines (the XServe and the PowerMac) with Intel chips (either Woodcrest or Conroe) in the coming months.

    We'll know quite a bit more on August 7th (WWDC), so stay tuned!
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    The correct answer is: "Not likely." However, no one in this forum can answer your question without violating his/her contract with Apple. When Apple releases its professional Intel-based desktops and servers, then you will know the answer definitively. However, you probably won't have to deduce it because Steve Jobs will proclaim to thunderous applause: "The Intel transition is complete."
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    Umm no they got rid of the "power" powerbook for a reason...
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    Yes, Steve Jobs called me in the middle of the night last night and told me that they will be switching back to PowerPC architecture and will be putting G5's in all their products, including the iPod Shuffle, which will be redubbed...the PowerShuffle. :rolleyes:
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    Huh? Dude, get out from under the rock. G5's are history. It's all about Intel now baby and I'm fired up about it too. :D
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    Yeah! Bring out the 8 core Intel Mac Pros!
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    Dont Hurt Me

    G5 was overblown hype,takes 4 G5s to match one Conroe:D
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    Thanks for everyone's response. What time of year will these new Mac's with Intel processors be released?
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    They already have been. Months ago...

    You live in NY for Lords sake.. don't you notice adverts for, I dunno, the iMac, Mac mini.. or maybe 2 new products, the MacBook and MacBook Pro?

    Or maybe the fact that Macs now run Windows? I mean, I don't wanna sound horrid but how can someone who lives in a huge city, with Apple Stores around them not notice these things.
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    Shut the Blood Clot up and answer the question.
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    They are already out haha. All your questions have been answered. Mac Pros get released August 7th.
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    blood clot? :confused:

    Anyway, they are here. A quick visitto the apple site will show you. The Powermac with intel chips will probably come out in August and that will complete the transition.
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    Okay, I'm going to call it.

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    Macs with Intel processors have been out since January of this year. If you were asking when Mac Pros will be out, nobody knows for sure but likely in August or September.

    Well, he did answer your poorly worded question.
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    jeez, guys. way to be friendly and helpful, as opposed to snarky and prickish. he asked two simple questions, why not just answer them instead of being obtuse while insulting his intelligence? :confused:
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    Thanks for everyone's response.:)
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    No, the powerbook G5s will be out on tuesday ;)
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    I'm on the OP's side here. No need to be rude. He's obviously new to this forum, and as hard as it may be for some of the regulars to believe, not everyone spends a few hours every day obsessing over and talking about past, current, and future Apple products.

    Anyway, the question has been answered. Intel Macs are already out, although the Power Mac has not yet been replaced with an Intel machine. That will most likely happen on August 7, but even that is a (well-reasoned) guess.
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    Umm, how did you miss this gem:

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    I agree that that was rude, and he shouldn't have reacted that way. But it was a reaction to a rude post from a forum member who should know better. Let's all just get along :).
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    why did apple swich and why is intel sooo much better, if a powerpc chip is good enough to be in a xbox 360 its good enough for me, i bought a mac to run OS X not windoze
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    If you want to get all bitchy because your incapable of visiting, using Google, or the search features here, or even reading the front page of MR - bring it on.

    But please, with your next fantastic 'comeback' - try making sense.

    I answered your question. Done.
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    Thanks, buddy. :)

    I also said in my post I didn't mean to sound horrible (I think I said 'horrid') but I can't understand how someone in a city, and whos a current Mac user, and Member here (Even if they don't visit everyday, on the front page there is always something about Intel - Conroe, Woodrest etc, or in the forums there's the whole MacBook/MacBook Pro obsession threads - surely you would wonder 'Hmm, what are these MacBooks?' - you don't have to visit everyday obsessing about old/current/future Apple releases, they are noticeable when you sign in to only make one post or thread, like the OP did).

    I answered his question fully, and even apologised if I sounded snooty. He/she should be grateful people take the time to answer his/her questions, giving the way he/she replies to people.

    And as for you, monogee - Buy your G5 PowerBook this fall - I'm sure you'll both be very happy together..
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    My initial reaction to this:


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