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Is Apple doing repair to the late 2012 iMac's?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by edry.hilario, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, ive gone through three replacements and im still not happy with my imac, im sick and tired of going through the whole replacement hassle and not knowing if id get a issue free imac I DO NOT want to deal with that anymore. The current imac i have has very very low yellow tint and pretty evenly light, however i do have rattling sound coming from the fan. I was just wondering if any of you have done repairs to these imacs at your local apple stores? since i dont want to go through the replacement hassle i just want this very one to be repair. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I feel for you, edry. I really do. I'd call up your local Apple Store and ask them directly. You're just one fan away from being satisfied? I'd go for it. :)
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    thanks bud!.. the last time i talked to my rep they called in my local apple store and they said they are not getting parts since its a new product, so im just wondering if thats the case everywhere else.
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    Well, if you're SURE it's the fan, then rest easy, hold on to your system until they're doing repairs, and get it fixed. Really won't take them long to do the repair since it's just some tape (for the screen) and one component to remove.

    Hang in there. :)
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    yeah, i guess im very unlucky with these things i just had to replace my ipad too, the dock connector was fk'd. I will hang on to see what the future awaits me. Ps. the reason why i know its the fan its because iMaclovin was having the same issue with his it made the same exact noise as mine identical!, his machine only has a ssd no hard drive, so the only moving part is the fan, nothing else makes any sound like that kind so im 95% sure its the fan, moreover the sound its the loudest right where the fan its located in the machine so.. thats that.
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    Well, then hang in there, since it's not worth exchanging the whole system over a fan, especially since the rest of the system is apparently fine!
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    tom vilsack

    I second the hang in there with fan...just setup something with local store for when they gets part....last thing you want to do is take is back over fan,and get a screen issue with next one!
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    just called in my local apple store, they are doing they are doing repairs however they do not have parts on stock from the machines theyd to order them which im definitely fine with. Im gonna take it in today so they can order it. thanks for the support guys
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    just out of curiosity what was wrong with the preceeding two imacs you had that you have a third replacement? That's absolutely bad luck...
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    the first one had the fan issues, the second one had horrible horrible retention end lot of light bleed, and this third one has bad fan again but the screen is good.
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    Sounds you have hand picked the best Imacs of the batch shipped in your area.

    Where about do you leave? Please tell me is somewhere like AU or NZ..

    Excuse my horible humor, a serious queston now: how long did it take you every time to have the replacement since you sent the old back?

    thanks for the info in advance...
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    haha but yeah.. im from Rhode island US and yes it seems that they read my name every time and said "lets send him another crappy one". but in all seriousness it took about 2.5 weeks to get my replacements each one.. and it sucks because youre in limbo the whole time. It like you cant get comfortable with the machine and set it up exactly how you want it because, whats the point? youre going to have to return it anyways so.. thats that, i use a lot of audio and video plugins for cs6, logic and other apps and if i tried to do a time machine backup from previous machines they dont work and i have to set them up all over again its just a pain and dont want to deal with the whole return process and have another crappy machine and keep on going on that ongoing cycle crap.
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    I know what you mean about the set up... When mine will finally get delivered I will not eaven bother moving in any personal data on the hard drive untill the first coupule of weeks have passed without issues.

    Thanks god my MBP is not totally wrecked and should supposely handle the daily work for another while before being deliverd to my parents.

    Good luck with yours and thanks for the reply!
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    I just took mine in and they said they had to order the part and could take 4-5 days to get the part and another day to install it, and I took it in to fix the yellow tint issue with the display.
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    Thanks for the info, please let me know how everything goes.
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    My third replacement is also inbound, I hope this unit has the desired quality. The first one was making sporadically occurring cracking noises, the second one had image retention and a dent in the stand. It's a brilliant machine, but for the money, certain problems shouldn't occur.
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    I recommend you stop banging your iPad across the back of your iMac. :D
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    i took it in today they agreed to have the fan replaced, however as expected they didnt have the part in they guy also told me that this might be the first imac theyd do repairs on.. sweet that doesnt sound like bad luck anywhere. Experimenting with my imac sweet.
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    tom vilsack

    edry: it happens to all of us...

    -had to take back 3 tv's to bb until i got a good one
    -back in 99 bought a new toyota only to take it home and have wipers not work (14 years latter still have and love)
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    yeah i guess it makes life more exciting but the same time annoying.. i just want to get what i paid for, the fan is the only thing bothering me right now after that id be good to go (hopefully).
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    if it's just the fan I too would make them repair it, its harder to get a good screen than replacing a fan imo. Plus watch all these teardown videos on youtube I mean taking the screen off is so simple I bet they can't screw it up.
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    Just dropped off my iMac to the apple store today. Wish me luck guys :(

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