Is Apple entering the game market? (rumor on GameSpot)

Discussion in 'Games' started by bluebomberman, May 26, 2006.

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    There's a strange rumor on GameSpot about Apple (which almost never gets mentioned on GameSpot for obvious reasons). Supposedly, they already hired someone from LucasArts...

    I don't know what to make of the whole thing. Any thoughts?
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    Apple never will enter the gaming market.

    I'll eat my hat if they do.
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    Hmm... Brand new MacBooks sporting GPUs from the mid nineties and now this...

    Something isn't adding up here. :rolleyes:
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    I'll get the barbecue sauce ready.

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    For apple to get into the gaming market they need to allow better graphic card and upgradible graphic card in there non pro lv computers and really start supporting the market.

    With integrated crap in so much that limits a lot of there opition and with imac being very limited on there power keeps them out of gamer market.

    Compared to a pc over 2 years old (and less than 1500 new)can eaily be brought up to a good gaming computer by upgrading the graphic card and breathing a lot more life in to it. Apple has to do something like that before any one will take them serousily as in to getting into the gaming market
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    I know about the Pippin - that's why I said "will never". I should have made it clear and said "will never again".
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    Maybe the games are for mobile devices (such as the iPod). The GameSpot rumor post did indicate that the positon was specifically for the iTunes division.

    Could be downloadable games from the iTMS.
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    Why not? Developers don't seem to be insanely enthusiastic about making games for the Mac, why shouldn't Apple try their own hand at it? Microsoft, after all, make their own games. If they can do it, why can't Apple? :p

    And if what you mean is Apple will never be a real 'gaming' platform, then I think it would be idiotic if they didn't. A large number of PC users out there are gamers, and the only way you'd ever get them to switch to a Mac is if Macs actually had some decent Mac compatible games. Apple are ignoring a pretty large market if they're going to stay away from gaming entirely.
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    Funny how much how it reminds me of the ps3.

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    Yeah, I thought the same thing. Too much too early, perhaps?

    As for Apple getting into gaming... they have a pretty solid OS foundation now with OS X, it only makes sense that they would now turn focus to improving it as a gaming platform. This of course would mean providing a dedicated gaming API like what DirectX is for Windows, as well as improving overall system performance for gaming tasks.

    This is definitely possible and, in my opinion, would be an obvious next step for OS evolution.

    Although if they are going to do something with iTMS then I doubt this "rumor", if true, relates to full-fledged gaming. iTMS would be more likely to have small games that run on an iPod. Either iPod games in general, or they will make an enhanced version of the iPod aimed towards gaming.

    iPod is out there, lots of people have them... if they could offer decent gaming on them then they could make a lot of money... I'm just not sure about the control options on an iPod... seems rather unintuitive for games.
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    It'd only make sense if Steve Jobs wasn't running the company.
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    I seriously doubt that Apple will enter into the gaming market (again). But it could happen..... ;) :)
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    Apple probably needed a programmer with a gaming background to optimize their source for high end graphic games. Not a big deal.
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    I think that this is the most likely reason for Apple to seek out such a programmer. Either way, it should be good news for us Mac users. :)
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    I find it interesting that Apple had a booth at E3 this year, and the guy I talked to there said Apple has had booths in the past too. E3 is, as you know, gaming only...
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    Apple came to my college earlier this year to recruit computer animators for work on a "secret project." The two guys who came both had worked for EA before going over to Apple.

    I tried my hardest to weasel information about it, but all they could say was that for it was "home entertainment purposes," and that it involved lots of modeling and some facial animation.
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    didnt they try this before w/ the pippin or whatever?
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    doesn't seem impossible. aplle is becomming more and more of a multi-media company...
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    This may have something to do with gaming on the iPod, I really can't see Apple releasing a direct competitor to the 360,PS3 and Wii.....
    Whereas there is space for a competitor in the handheld market, with the PSP failing and the iPod being the most popular handheld electronic in the world maybe they have realized if they can do downloadable games they can be a major player in the handheld market....

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    The gaming market would be great for apple! Maybe not like an Xbox360 competitor, but a PSP competitor. A portable media device with gaming capabilites and apple-esque design for under $299...I'm sold.

    Look what happened when microsoft entered the gaming market! It was a bumpy road, but they've got a killer system.

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