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Resolved Is Apple serving their Movies in 1080p yet? Confused.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by alexreich, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. alexreich, Apr 8, 2012
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    After the release of the AppleTV3, I was under the impression that iTunes/iCloud would from then on serve Movies and Music Videos at 1080p. Though I have never bought a Movie from the iTunes store, at this time, all of the Movies I want to purchase are being shown as available in 720p, with no mention of 1080p whatsoever.

    Though at this time I cannot take advantage of 1080p videos on anything but my Mac mini (I only own the AppleTV2 at the moment, getting AppleTV3 in the future), it makes me uneasy on purchasing from Apple if they are only serving 720p files, as I want full HD 1080p video files.

    A few of the films I was looking at are:
    Alice in Wonderland (1951)
    A Bug's Life
    Lady and the Tramp

    Mainly Disney animated films.
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    I'm not at home to check iTunes myself for these particular movies, but it's not dependent on Apple to supply 1080p movies. They put the "technology" in to the apple tv3 to be used, but the studios have to submit their movies in 1080p first, in order for us consumers to take advantage of it.
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    Actually it is Apple that encodes the movies to 1080p. It is a lengthy process and not all movies are available in Full HD yet. Expect to find more and more 1080p movies as time goes by.
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    On the ATV3, there is a dedicated section for true HD 1080 content. Here in the UK? 7 movies and few TV shows....That's it so far. Producing full HD content cost's £££££$$$$ and I fear titles will be slow in coming. Re reinserted old movies are not the same thing.:(
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    Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I have read that it is up to Apple to encode films into 1080p, so it may be that they have not spent the time to do so.

    The reason I'm being anal about it is that if I was to purchase the 720p films now, I wouldn't want to have to buy them again or pay any 'upgrade' fees if/when the full HD versions become available.

    I mean I can't really take advantage of the 1080p at the moment with my ATV2, but it would really piss me off to buy all of these movies at 720p, and later have to repurchase them to watch at 1080p on my future ATV3.
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    Wait a while, more content will gradually appear.
  7. alexreich, Apr 8, 2012
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    I don't know if it will do me any good, but I'm going to give Apple a call in the morning. Perhaps they can tell me if the 720p to 1080p upgrade will be free, or require a re-purchase of content. Will hit this thread again after speaking with Apple.


    By the way, I have only looked at these Movies via my iPad. I haven't ever looked via iTunes on my AppleTV, as I never use iTunes on my ATV2, I only watch content in Netflix :)

    Could it be that my iPad first-generation cannot playback 1080p video and therefore it is not even shown as an option in iTunes? I just checked the first-gen iPad specs and the max video output resolution is 720p.

    I will check and see what resolutions are available in iTunes on my Mac tomorrow as well.
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    There was a setting where you tell it which content type to use, 720p or 1080p and mine was defaulted to 720p. I think it was an account setting - might have found it in iTunes on my laptop.

    I have no issue watching 1080p movies from iTunes on my ATV3 after switching that setting.
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    Do we know that for sure? I assumed the studios were providing it and Apple just wrapped their DRM on top.
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    I do not believe this is correct. Just like on the music side, the studios are the ones who actually deliver the final product, but must follow Apple's strict guidelines in the creation of the file(s) for distribution.
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    After looking at Alice in Wonderland (1951) on my Mac mini in iTunes, I saw that the film is available in 1080p. I changed the internal setting mentioned above and now my system is defaulted to download Movie purchases in 1080p. Thanks all!

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