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Is Apple the Lonely Rolls-Royce of the Computer World?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I wouldn't put it as the rolls royce, more like the 5 series BMW. A lot of people have them, but they are still marketed as an upscale item, out of the reaches of many, but catering to a certain market.
    Also you very rarely see a rich high school or college student with a rolls royce.... ;)
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    I agree. BMW is a much better analogy, and I believe they have a very similar market share (around 3%). Funny how most folks aren't looking for BMW to die off. Automobiles as a whole are just as much of a commodity as PCs have become. The only difference is that the automobile market isn't driven by a monopoly.
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    Don't forget too that there is no "network" effect related to cars but there is certainly on with computers. Remember the compatibility problem?

    In anycase, Apple is trying their best to iron out most of the major incompatibilities with M$ windblows OS and the more they can do so, the better chance Apple will have with that 3-5% of people who would rather be working/playing with their computer rather than working to fix their computer.
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    bmw is so ghetto, audi is a better choice
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    Audi and BMW are basically just like Apple. They are an expensive product that does not cater to everyone's tastes nor financial budget, but the people who own them swear by them and designate theirs fastest, for their needs.
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    though i agree that audi is the better choice, and i deffinately prefer them, i wouldn't call bmw ghetto

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