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Is Apple Thinking About Mac TV?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 16, 2005.

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    Is the Next Page button missing? That article seems to go through a few paragraphs of introduction, then just stops. :confused:
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    No, that looks like that's about it. Filler maybe?
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    It sure would be cool, though, if Apple did come out with a Hi-Def TV of some sort. Or something that could be used as a TV anyway, coupled with the Mac mini.
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    I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they started offering HDTV tuners with their displays.
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    I like the part where it says:

    "For full access to our site, please complete this simple registration form.
    As a member, you'll enjoy:"

    Then they go into a list of reasons why you should join. Brilliant!

    Please, I ask again, no links to a "Registration required" site.
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    The 30" Cinema Display makes a nice TV. Just need a tuner and converter. Thing is huger than I thought it would be.
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    I agree 100%. If you are going to post the link, at least follow up with a copy / paste of the article. It's not that hard to do.
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    Not sure we can legally copy/paste a whole copyrighted article even if proper credits are given. But I do agree. Website registrations are a pain in the xxx, espcecially if you try to keep track of dozen sites you are registered with.
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    That's why BugMeNot is so popular and handy to have ....
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    BugmeNot is just an added step.....

    the New York times can sell the advertising on its site, and keep the news content free, just like every other newsaper in the country that wants to stay in business.

    so, go ahead, make us register....your readership is falling fast.
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    It's not hard to register either.
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    Funny the exact same thought ocurred to me on the weekend. I've concluded that Apple isn't going to release a set-top box until HD TV's become more commonplace, because the current NTSC just don't look good as a display.

    Then I started thinking that Apple could do it the way they did with music (build the market, then position the Mac to use it) and it ocurred to me that their 30" displays were price competitive with a similarly sized TV, so they already have the supply/distribution chain, and could leverage manufacturing efficiencies.

    I think they're waiting for Dell's TVs to fail completely, then start positioning themselves.
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    Anything is possible. Steve didi say in his Keynote address, that this would be the year of the HD. So I expect much more to come.
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    I'm typing this on a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 machine (by Sony)... got the widescreen 23" LCD monitor, got TV in a window, can play all of my music both here and in my living room (courtesy of an Xbox Media Center Extender), all my videos, etc. (Don't flame me; I ordered a Mac mini last week and have been posting here since then.)

    If you ask me, that's what Apple needs to do next: media center software for the Mac, with full TV/DVD/music/recorded videos playback. Not a set-top box, but software and a TV tuner so your Mac can do it all.
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    I agree with you 100% ..... this should have been out ages ago ... the mini plugged up to a 30+ inch plasma or LCD TV via DVI and Tivo-like software running on mac mini would rock ....do it NOW Apple
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    Not going to happen until there are enough HDTV's in people's homes.

    Jobs long ago learned the futility of launching the right product before people were ready for it (go look at a NeXT).

    Now, if I were a computer company how would I set about trying to drive interest into HDTV? Hmm, first thing I would do would probably be to make sure my entire product line supported it out of the box, and maybe see if I can come up with authoring tools that would produce more HD video. Possibly even partner with a company that produces cameras allowing people to make their own HD video, thus leading them to the next step of wanting TV's to watch all of that HD content on.

    Hey, wait a minute...

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