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Is Buying a Mac Mini a good choice right now?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Soulstorm, Jan 29, 2007.

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    I am a student in a university and I have a low budget, but I need to obtain an Intel Mac, because I am going to do some assembly programming really soon, and I need an x86 processor for that. Emulation with VPC will not work in my G5 :(

    So, I am thinking of buying a Mac mini 1.66. But, I think that the mac mini as it is now has stayed much time unchanged, so I'm afraid of purchasing one now, because what happens if I buy one now and next week comes a new mac mini with the price of my own that has Intel Core 2 Duo?

    So, I want to ask you: Has anyone heard anything about new mac minis anytime soon? Should I proceed with the mini purchase now or should I wait? And if I wait, then for how long, approximately? (I don't have much time)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    might as well wait its almost ready for it annual update.
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    Sorry for being annoying, but do you have any speculation on when will that happen (even if it is your personal opinion)?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I would guess March.
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    Any other prediction? What makes you believe that the mini series is going to be updated soon?
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    Did you read the buyers guide up top of this forum? See the Tabs up in the blue-gray area??

    That will show you the life cycle....
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    I've been guessing that we will see slightly refreshed (i.e. same form factor with C2ds and different RAM specs and pricepoints) minis in February, as part of a bigger announcement regarding iLife/iWork and a ship date for Leopard, probably in late March. This seems like a good bet, but it's always possible that some less-credible rumors about a new, more versatile and slightly larger headless mac being in the pipeline are true. Although that would rule, it doesn't make sense to me in the grand scheme of Apple's consumer product lines, so I'm sticking with the mini prediction for now, and I'll buy one the day it comes out...

    ...unless a 20" iMac that I can afford comes out first :D .
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    The Mac Guides state that Apple, on average, updates the Mac Mini every 151 days, and that we're currently on 149. So, I'd wait if you can. But if you need it, buy it.

    Also, I'd love to hear about how your assembly programming is going. I am in an assembly class right now, and I would love to program on my MBP, since its x86.

    You might also want to check this thread:
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    Wait if you can.

    IMHO, if you can wait a few weeks more, then I strongly advise you to do so. Some people already think that the minis are slightly over-priced. Also, they haven't been updated since 6th September, 2006. An update to the faster C2D processor is highly likely quite soon...I'd say about March, if not before.

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