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Is Facebooks app THAT bad?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by DVC78, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Facebook users I'm looking to you for answers here.

    I've got an iPhone 4s sitting next to me just waiting to be activated X-mas day as a gift to my wife. She's big into Facebook so that functionality has got to be there or this gift won't go over well!

    Playing with this thing (the 4s) I'm honestly surprised you can't upload pics to Facebook via the phones photo library or facebooks mobile site, both of which I do all the time on my HTC Incredible II. That leaves it up to the dedicated app...

    So I want to know if Facebook's iPhone app is really that bad. According to Appstore reviews it's a total disaster, and I can't check for myself without first activating the phone (which of course can't happen till right before I give it to her as a gift).

    Opinions would be appreciated! Oh, and if anyone has experience and can compare/contrast both Facebook app versions (iPhone & Android) that would REALLY be helpful, as I know how the Android version works (not great, but doable).

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I use facebook app and I don't see anything wrong with it!
    Never crashed, its fast, good interface, you can upload photos. A good app. I dont understand why so many bad reviews. Lets leave this task for someone else!
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    you can upload pictures from the phones photo library.
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    It does have it's bugs, but it's still a good, solid application.
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    I would say it depends entirely on the functionality you are looking for

    Following the news feed, checking in places, uploading a picture, posting a status are all fine for me
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    You can upload photos from the app - just hit "Photo" on the main screen or the + button inside albums.

    The app itself, though, is utterly terrible. Very buggy and crashes a lot.
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    I've never had any complaints... Also, the last time I used the android app, it was slightly worse than the iPhone version, but they are pretty darn close.
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    I'm confused! So, you are able to use the 4S to go to the mobile Facebook site but you cannot test the Facebook app because you have to activate the phone? That does not make any sense.

    Anyway, the app seems to have gotten a little bit better with the latest update. Notification is still a hit or miss!
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    Yes, it crashes on a regular basis on both my 4S and iPad. It also freezes, so you can't do anything, such as commenting on a post, or liking it. Another issue is that if you click to view a photo someone has posted, it can take anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds to do anything.

    I don't like it anymore than I did the Android one.
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    Another issue is that it doesn't even say "via iPhone" on my status updates anymore. How are people meant to know I'm better than them now? ;)
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    Having just recently come from the Android platform, they seem virtually identical to me. I mean, literally they are almost exactly the same.
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    The Facebook app has just been updated. I really have no complaint about it really and I use it daily. I am not the type of guy with like a gazzilion friends and 1000 mobile uploads but I refresh the Wall every now and then.

    The interface is smooth, it's simple and efficient. You can upload photos, tag persons,check-in and all that, you can also use Facebook apps it seems. I haven't done personally, but I see that I have some Facebook widgets/games installed so it must be something.

    I'm sure that for the regular Facebook user is more than enough. I also do not understand the complaints. Maybe it's reviews from the v1.0 days who knows.
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    I have not had the crashes others have complained about
    But I am not a power FB user either
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    I do have to quit and restart the app sometimes because the app loads but the content doesn't. I get to the Facebook screen, and then it just spins and spins trying to load the news feed. It doesn't happen very often, though. Once in a while the app will start to load and then crash, so I have to start it again. But like I said, it's once in a while. Besides those two things, everything else I need it for works just fine. And it seems to have improved with the last few updates. It used to crash or freeze a lot, but now just occasionally.
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    I'm not sure if it's because I have a 3GS, but Facebook has some serious performance issues. Sometimes it doesn't load at all, sometimes it crashes, sometimes its so slow and laggy. Tried reinstalling it and nothing happened.

    Starting to wonder if I need some more horsepower to run this app.
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    The iPhone version has gotten 10x better with the last update for me. Notifications are hit or miss though. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The iPad version is what sucks. It's extremely buggy and slow. I don't even use the iPad version.
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    I've had no issues on my iPhone 4
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    Yep. When you turn the phone on for the first time you can skip signing into itunes/activating the phone, leaving you free to play with it and browse the internet via wifi. Of course without signing into itunes/activating you can't download apps, which is where I'm at.
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    The Facebook app is weak, but it works. It used to be better, and probably will improve again - given all the negative feedback they are getting on the app store.

    In its present condition, it's merely "acceptable" in my book. Odd quirks plague the thing - for example, it likes to spin that data wheel long after everything is loaded. That's irritating. But overall it's good enough to read feeds and make posts and that's what most people are after.

    Now that FB has decided to put ads directly in newsfeeds in 2012, people will soon have much more to complain about than a poorly executed app anyway ;)

    I think your "Mrs" will be happy - the Facebook app won't be a major disappointment, and overall, I think the 4S is a pretty sweet phone.
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    Really, how?
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    Look at my post, I explain how.


    For real? Guess I need to make sure that AdBlock extension stays updated then :p
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    I've used FB on various mobile devices. I think it's a good FREE app. And yes, as others have said, you CAN upload photos.
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    What I don't like is that we can not choose to be online/offline in the chat anymore.

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