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Is iPod Stolen?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Vader, Jan 17, 2007.

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    A friend wants to sell me an iPod. I don't think he stole it, but I think whoever he got it from might have stolen it. Is there any way I can check on this? I got the serial #, is there a service from apple for this or anything?
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    Try calling applecare and talking to them.
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    I just don't want to buy this thing and then loose it/get accused of stealing it.
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    That whole thing sounds a little iffy to me. If you think he stole it, it wouldn't be a very good idea to buy it because you could get tangled up in the whole thing. I don't really know about the serial # lookup and stuff though.

    My vote: NO.
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    A thats my ipod you theif...ehhhhh just kiddin:) thats receiving stolen property evrytime i bought something stolen it don't last ,eventually something bad ha:( ppens to it!
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    lol! so true...
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    Well I talked to the kid, and he said the guy he bought it from had it for a long time. So I think it wasn't stolen, and I bought it, $40.

    Well $40 was all I had now, agreed on price was $80. Hold switch doesn't work, it is scratched, and it is the original 30gb 5th gen, so it is old.
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    I think it was worth like 30 at most.
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    What? How do you figure that?
    This ipod is like what? Worth about $200 new/refurbished. Take in the wear (mostly just bad on the back, screen and front are not bad) and the hold switch being broken, I would say the $60 we agreed on when I found out the hold switch is broken is a pretty good deal!
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    That not to bad as long as it got a good battery
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    Uh.. the 1G came in 5, 10, and 20gig models... Wha?link
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    My mistake, by 1st gen, I meant 1st gen video ipod, I meant to say 5g.
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    Well.. a 5G iPod for $80? Just IMO it's a little sketchy... Just remember that being in possession of a stolen item, even if you were ignorant of its stolen status, is still stolen, even if you paid someone for it.

    Be safe out there...
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    Well, first when I asked him where he got it, he just told me a name of someone I didn't know. Today he said it was a 20 year old (kid told me this guy doesn't steal stuff) who had it for a long time. From this I assume it is not stolen. Also, this kid bought it for $120 because he was going to sell it to someone for $140, but then they didn't ant it, so I offered him $50, he said $100, I said $60, he said $80, and then he got mad at himself, but I held him to it. I think he doesn't know he can sell it for more in the real world, plus he is only a high school freshman, so he can't do ebay or stuff like that.

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