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Is It a Little Too Difficult To Take the iPad In and Out of Apple's Case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MICHAELSD, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I only wanted to use the iPad in Apple's case on occasion, and use it as a sort of sleeve the rest of the time. It seems a little too difficult to put the iPhone in and take it out of the case to constantly do that. Will it loosen nicely quickly or is there a better option?
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    It's not just you. I have the same issue with it. I've only taken it out 2 or 3 times, but when I have it is a bear to get out.

    That said, it's actually the only negative about that case (in my opinion).
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    Honestly if that's how you want to use it. I would just get a slide in case that's simple.
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    I have gotten pretty good at getting it out. I just open the flap and then use the button openings to get the iPad out just enough that I can get my fingers on the inside of the case between it and the iPad. Then I just push it out pretty easily with my fingers, rather than trying to pull it out.
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    yup i'd agree with him, but if you want to prop it up you'd be out of luck. Take a look at the incase folio style case, $60, but if may not be as tight, not sure.
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    I'd say once the thing is in its case, it stays there. Period. I wouldn't be taking it out.
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    I don't think it's meant to be taken out of the apple case. I just got mine today and I'm liking it a lot. It fits nice and snug and doesn't add much too the size of it. I'm keeping mine on permanently. Why would you take it off?
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    Apple case & Dock

    Just received my Apple case and dock today and was dismayed to learn that I'need to remove the case in order to slot it I to dock. I had planned on putting it into dock at night. Now I guess I'll only use the dock when using it as a picture viewer to impress visitors.
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    Yeah, I'm going to leave mine in there permanently, it's way easier to use with the case. About the only reason I can see to take it out is if you need to dock it. I love having it sit around looking just like a book, but protected by the case in case someone spills something on it or it gets accidentally kicked off the table or whatever.
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    Yes! I took mine off for a day just to have the feel of using the iPad without any case, and it was, as said above, quite a bear. I do love the case though, and will probably not take the iPad out very often anyway.

    Wow, I'm getting really good at typing on this thing. :D
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    In general, using the iPad is more comfortable with the case off. I also really like the look and feel of the aluminum.
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    That's interesting. Totally the opposite view for me. With no case I was really struggling to get comfortable holding, using, and carrying the iPad. It's slippery and hard to find a good angle for typing.
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    I also wanted to use the case when I showed it off and let other people use it so I don't have to worry about the aluminum back.0, so the Apple folio would be good if it wasnlighter.
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    +1. I haven't seen a better case for my taste yet. Which actually sucks as I think the apple case is way overpriced. If the case starts to show any fraying I will be tiring up a storm.
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    I love the case too bu I don't see how some say they'll never take the ipad out of the case! I've taken it out twice to clean both the case and ipad dust and crumbs and stuff do get under the edges of the case.

    A perfect solution would be to put a full wrap invisible shield on it but imagine taking It out of the case then, it's hard Enough
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    I'm glad its not just me. I took mine out of the Apple case for the first time today. It was beyond difficult. I thought I was going to have to cut the case off of it.

    I am already on the lookout for a different type of case. If I hadn't already tossed all the packaging, I would be returning this case.
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    Sleazy E

    I just got the case and love it. Not sure I will need to take it out of the case so I am not too concerned about it's snug fit. I prefer the snug fit.
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    My case just shipped today, delivery for friday. I was also planning on using it in the dock... :(
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    Yeah just got mine today and after realizing I put it in the wrong way the first time and saw how hard it was to get out, I know I'm just gonna leave it in all the time. Very impressed with the case and stand for it as I'm watching baseball on it right now
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    Yep, that is why I am returning mine.
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    Mine too-Friday.

    I guess a lot of the late online buyers are getting them now for Friday.

    Fedex by the way.
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    It is not easy, but this is the first time I had to pull it out because i like the Dock at night when I work on the computer (have it in picture frame mode or some other stuff).

    The case has some really great features, but it is disappointing that it is so annoying to get out. I think that over time it will be easier.
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    I've been pulling at the top frame that secures the iPad. It has loosened a little, but it's still a struggle to get the iPad out. Now, it comes out about an inch, then I have to force it out, and it flies out after trying for around thirty seconds. The corners of the top frame seem to be the hardest part to loosen. I hope I can loosen it further, it's still too tight, and having it "fly out" could lead to it breaking if I ever loose my grip. The iPad seems to go in and out of the Incase folio smoothly, but the corners are exposed in that.
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    I just took mine out, it wasn't even hard. Honestly it took me about 20 seconds.
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    It looks like tiny parts of the top right corner of the aluminum bezel chipped off. I don't know if my iPad came with that or if the case is that tight that if your force the iPad out a few times it may damage it despite the microfiber interior. Has anybody else noticed something similar?

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