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is it bad to have the PB powerbrick....

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by macOSX-tastic, Mar 11, 2006.

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    .....like this?

    a mate told me that it makes the wires wear faster or something because of induced magnetic fields produced by the coil.....something i learnt in physics.

    he is an engineer in training, and i am unsure...manybe im being paranoid:D....should i take heed of his advice?


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    Hmmm, somehow, I don't think any magnetic field induction will cause the wires to wear out. But I could be wrong about that. Do the wires feel warm?
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    You know, my physics 2 teacher told me that same thing. I remember vividly that he said " do not have your wires in loops or ... blah blah blah." i should've paid attention. I would also like to know this as well

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    If they were causing wear from that, it would take so long that your PB will be long gone/dead before then.
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    The thin wire coming out of the power brick is carrying direct current. No relative motion of flux lines to a conductor is being produced by them, so no induced magnetic field from that coil. (Current flow adjacent and in opposite directions cancels out any electromagnetic field that might be created by that coil). The alternating current going into the brick 'might' be close enough to that coil to produce some effect.
    For the truly paranoid, undo the coil and let the slack hang down.
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    they dont feel warm, and they dont hinder performance at all.....ther isnt anything in the manual about it, but if the worst comes to the worse, i will just have to invest in a new adapter wont i? :D

    i like the cord as it is, its tidy......OCD with wires:D

    your right, i dont reaal see how this can be a potential problem, but its always good to check. if i was met with: OMG! uncoil that IMMIDIATELY!!!!! i think my view would change:D
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    the only wear my adaptor is getting is just everyday dirt.... my wire is dark gray.... :eek:
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    I didn't understand a word, so I'm just gonna agree with you. :D
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    oh yea... doc brown said something like that right? he needed the flux capacitor in order to generate the 1.21 jigawatts of power.

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    Artful Dodger

    Yeah, look at how much slack he had and Marty still made it back no problems :p
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    Hehe.. Not likely. You'd need incredibly high amperage going through those wires for that to happen, but even then the insulation may have a ferrite core on it, stopping it from happening.. Basically, you have nothing to worry about..
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    I have mine coiled like that too, it looks nice! I love the style power adapters apple uses!

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