Is it difficult to install on MacBook Air?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by powerbook911, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I use my MacBook Air (11-inch model) for only casual web browsing, email checking, etc.

    Therefore, I was considering paying the $100 to join ADC and get Mac OS X Lion to put on my Air only, just to test out and enjoy.

    However, I have a question. How would I install it on a MacBook Air 11-inch considering there is no superdrive, and I do not have a thumb drive large enough to put it on?

    Can I use Remote Disk, or will that not work since you have to boot into the installer?

    Many thanks. Just want to get some clarity before I plop down the money.

    I apologize for the novice question. I'd have no issue getting it installed on my other Macs. And I use the remote disk feature to install software on the Air like Office, but just not sure that will work with a OS that it needs to boot from?
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    neko girl

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    I used a 4GB USB thumb drive (costs around 10€ nowadays, maybe even less for less sophisticated ones) and it worked well on my MB. I don't know if it works via Remote Disc, but I doubt it somehow.
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    You don't need any external media to install Lion.

    Ps is 4GB enough to install Lion on to?
  5. PBF
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    Took 18 minutes to install Lion on my ultimate MacBook Air 13, without any DVD, external drive or second partition. :cool:
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    How then, if you didn't use an external drive? Did you use your already existing partition of Mac OS X to install Lion onto?
  7. PBF
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    Yes, the installer simply updated my Snow Leopard to Lion.
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    Ah, okay. Thanks.
    I chose the "separate partition" way, even though I wouldn't lose anything on the current partition.
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    Steve Ballmer

    All you need to do is copy "Install Mac OS X" to anything. I copied it to my old iPod nano and used that to install Lion on my iMac and MacBook.

    And a fresh installation with everything checked used up around 9 GB of space, so the Air should be more than sufficient to run it on.
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    This may sound like a noob question but how do you boot from USB to install OS X on the MBA? I have a flash drive i could use but i thought the bootloader didn't support USB loading?

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    When you hear the chime on boot press and hold the ALT key until a menu pops up. Then just select your usb drive.
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    Thanks man i'll give that a try tonight. It will let me do a clean install right?
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    Yeah you can do a clean install. Providing you have created a partition on your drive, you can dual boot snow and lion.

    If you've not already done so, use disk utility to partition your drive.
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    I've installed it on my old MacBook Air (1st Gen) just over the existing 10.6.6
    without any issues. Clean and smooth. Had to reinstall some 3rd party apps to get them working properly.
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    The installer does not required USB or DVD to install. Create a partition and run the installer in Snow Leopard. Literally took 10 minutes to boot into Lion from when the download ended. Simplest install ever.
    Recommendation: DO NOT simply install over snow leopard. Remember, this is a beta version. There will be issues for you sooner or later. It's much easier to work on a stable OS if you need to than have to rely on a beta version.
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    Oh right, i was planning to have just lion installed, rather than a dual boot. I hope thats still possible xD.
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    Yeah dude, you can just doe a fresh install. Just use the Lion disk utility for erase the drive.
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    Great, thanks.

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