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Is it just me? - Album art issue

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by eldridge, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Does anybody else have issues with their album art occasionally getting out of sync for individual CDs. I have had numerous occasions where for no apparent reason, the album art for a single CD will get replaced by the album art from another one. It shows up correctly in my iTunes but is wrong on my iPod Touch.

    I can correct it by going into the song properties for all the songs on the CD and pasting a new copy of the art so that it has to re-sync with my iPod. But I was wondering if it was something unique to me or if others have had the same issue.

    I also sometimes have a similar issue with video podcasts showing the wrong picture. I have even had a couple of times where the art for a CD shows a picture from a video podcast. Everything plays just fine, but it is kind of annoying to have to be continually correcting album art.
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    yeah mine does this all of the time with songs that I burned off of CD's instead of buying through iTunes, but I haven't found it annoying enough to try and fix it yet.
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    Yeah, mine did that once... Seemed to sort itself out when I re-synced it. I was like noooo maybe it does this once you reach a certain amount of songs... like it cant remember the artwork... But its been fine since! *touch wood*

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    I've had this issue but on my iPod nano. I unchecked sync album artwork in iTunes and synced. I then re-checked it, resynced and it was all good :)
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    I have problems where the artwork wont even show up even after i try to manually install it if anyone knows of a fix would be greatly appreciated
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    do u select all the songs u want for the album art then hit command/:apple:> I. then u drag the album art in the spot if your using mac which i hope u are :D but sometimes in my library some songs are in same album artist and genre and they seem to split up really makes me mad only if its on the view with the album art ill post a picture
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    it did this to a few albums any suggestions ? :confused: and i couldnt fit the whole thing in there so it only shows a bit of the screw up

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    Thats happened to me to and I fixed it :D
    Select all 3 and then click get info. Then put the artist name, artist album and the title of the album and that should fix it...(I'm on windows btw..) Usually there are a stubborn few and you have to add Sort artist to it so they'll all go together
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    well theres like ten ill try... and nothing happened damn w.e ill just have to keep it on the list without album art but doesnt kill me
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    Really? Worked for me...are you adding the Same Album name etc?
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    yep thats what im sopposed to do right?
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    Yup, did you trying adding the Sort artist name also?
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    haha thats not there by the looks of it w.e its alright
    thanks anyway
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    it does that to me too but only on albums that have multiple artists its
    anoying as hell having to manually edit most of my albums

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