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Is it mad to buy the galaxy note 10.1 2014 when I have a note 8.0?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by The Game 161, Sep 15, 2013.

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    The Game 161

    I do love what I have seen from the new note 10.1 with the features from note 3. I do love my note 8.0 but think it would be good to have the note 10.1 for at home and my note 8.0 for on the go..but really should I bother having the note 3, 8.0 and note 10.1? Do you think it's foolish?

    I will be getting note 3 too of course too.
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    Personally, I think its crazy, but thats just me:p:apple:
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    I did do a setup for Note 8.0 and I didn't like it. I mean, the functions are better then on my iPad3, and the S-Pen is really a huge advantage - but the size is too small as a work pad.

    ...so I am looking at the Note 10.1...

    But I would go with an iPad if comes with an S-Pen, or something similar. Till then ... 10.1
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    I have gone to iCal on my Mac mini and exported the ics file to desktop. Problem is. When I import it to google calendar it says zero events imported. In iCal I can see lots of items (almost every day). What am I doing wrong?
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    Well, I have an iPad 3, iPad Mini and Galaxy S4. I use each of them every single day in different ways. So to answer your question, from my perspective it isn't mad, or crazy as we call it on this side of the pond :) To me it sounds quite reasonable!
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    agree. the S-Pen is really a huge advantage - but the size is too small as a work pad.[​IMG]
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    Yes it's mad, but given your spending habits reflected on this forum - i'd say it's within acceptable normality for you :p
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    The Game 161

    This is true.

    For now I can afford to do it.. Foolish it may be.
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    How much of a pain would it be to take the 10 with you on the go as well?

    Id say buy the 10, sell the 8
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    The Game 161

    That is still a big device to carry around with you..the note 8 is currently on a 2 year contract so thats a no go.
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    Oh, i just assumed that the 8 was a wifi type deal.....hmmm, i say if you have the disposable income to do it, why not.....worse case you can always sell the 10
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    The Game 161

    Well all that would happen is it would replace my ipad 2. Which I use a good amount for youtube e.t.c and forums.

    Only thing is will I use the note 8.0 less on the go with the bigger note 3 in hand.
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    A little crazy

    If you like and have enough money, I think you can purchase one
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    Welcome to the forum. Maybe check the date of the last post before you raise the dead though :)

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