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Is it ok to download Torrents on my 2013 MBA ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Naughtie, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Is it ok to download Torrents on my 2013 MBA ?

    I am worried that my SSD will go kaput:rolleyes:.

    If not then using a SD card or a USB key is advisable. Or I am thinking too much :eek:
  2. AXs
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    Nice Joke! hah, hilarious. Gooood joke. No torrents here NSA people! Go away!

    Hah. Hypothetically speaking, downloading torrents for completely legally shared files wouldn't harm you one bit...especially on a dedicated site.
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    You are thinking too much, there are no physical repercussions on your computer for downloading (virus-free) torrents. But viruses are something mac users dont really have to worry about :D
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    actually, the first thing that the NSA PRISM and GCHQ TEMPORA black-boxes do is to dump all torrent data - due to their being too much of it to analyse!

    I've recently started using bit-torrent in order to helpfully add to this traffic overload! I'm d/l my 15GB password cracking files etc to a MBP rotary HDD, not SSD by the way.

    You could easily add a 64GB USB stick to your MBA - or a single USB external HDD and specify this for your MBA temporary files and part-downloaded files in order to preserve the read/write cycles of your MBA SSD, but I don't know any documented SSD failures yet from this type of wear & tear?

    the only big problems from my use of bit-torrent via magnet-links is that I had to buy a new ASUS RT-N16 router in order to handle the swarms of open connections, but the ASUS has sorted that. My previous Wi-Fi router (A Linksys) would often just show a WiFi icon with the exclamation mark on the MBP.
  5. AXs, Aug 7, 2013
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    I'm sorry, but "preserve read/write cycle of SSD"? Are you kidding me?

    HDD didn't have this issue... SSD certainly doesn't. If I'm correct, I can write 10GB per day and use it for 50 years. Since I don't plan to use my Air for that long, I'm sure reading-writing even 50GB will pose no issues.

    If you're going to drop $1500 on a laptop, best not be conservative about usage.

    I see too many people concerned about battery life... and now SSD cycle life?

    USE IT TO THE MAX! You paid good money for it. Use it till you fall asleep faster than your MAC!:p

    On-topic, I use a dedicated tracker and disable DHT, peer exchange, and local peer discovery (not that it is supported by the tracker anyways). I can limit how many people I want to share with at a time. I OCCASIONALLY use an open-tracker, and it's just too 'open'. like 10 trackers you're sharing over, especially if you enabled port-mapping (I think it is smarter to manually forward a port).

    I have consistently downloaded at full speed @3.7mbps across my pc desktop, pc noteebook, and now my Air... no matter if with only 10 seeders for a large file. I don't think there are will be any issues. I'm still just on a wireless n 300 router (DLink).

    Go Private!

    But of course, I only download LEGALLY SHARED FILES! NSA GO AWAY! I IZ NO PIRATES!
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    So its all systems go captain :D.
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    SD card or USB drive will wear out faster than your SSD will!
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    I am torrenting 3-4 24hrs per week. InsomniaX and closed lid. It runs smoothly and the fan never accelerates.
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    Everyone should torrent massive amount of data every day around the clock
    to overload the nsa data.

    It's a citizen duty just like voting. "Rock the nsa. Torrent today!"
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    You should be careful. I've heard you could go blind doing that... :cool:
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    Go for it! Enjoy your not-illegal downloads. Your computer and/or parts won't be affected at all.
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    Another option is to create ram disk for temporary storage. I have 8gb and that's plenty for 1-2 gb ram disk.
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    Lots of torrents are 10-20GB!
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    There's high capacity SDXC cards available. You could download to one of those to save space.
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    As long as ur carrier doesn't care, ur SSD doesn't give a hoot.
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    Not necessary for big torrent. You can also use for storing the txt file for calculation process with stats apps, or use it as the users cache folder.

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