Is it possible to hook a Thunderbolt display...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Yumunum, Aug 18, 2011.

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    To an HDTV, and have dual displays for my computer?

    For example, I want to plug my MacBook (in clamshell) into a Thunderbolt display on my desk, and have an HDTV mounted on the wall near my desk for others to view. When watching movies through netflix or showing people Youtube videos, I could then continue whatever I'm doing on the Thunderbolt display while they could see whatever I was showing them on the other.

    I hope that made sense... Thanks in advance!
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    Yes. You would go Macbook-Thunderbolt cable-Thunderbolt display-Mini Displayport cable-mDP to HDMI adapter-HDMI-HDTV. The Thunderbolt display has a Thunderbolt port in the back so you would put the mDP cable there.
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    Or you could just get an ATV2... It does everything you said, netflix, youtube, even movies you have on your macbook... Afterall this is the Apple TV section of the forums...
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    But that can't even do 1080p, correct? :/ and how would you even browse YouTube without a keyboard and mouse? Maybe I need to learn more about the Apple TV... thanks for the help! :)

    Also, will my computer remember the correct display settings everytime I plug it in? I've never used my computer with an external monitor before, not to mention 2 monitors
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    In my experience, yes the computer will remember the display settings every time you plug it in and unplug it. I am not sure how well this works with multiple displays, but seeing as the ones I've used have different identifier tags (whatever the display tells the computer to identify it as), I would think it would work just fine :)

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