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Is it possible to play Gamecube on a MacBook?

Discussion in 'Games' started by bneima, May 23, 2006.

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    Like the subject says... Is it possible to play Gamecube on a MacBook?
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    Do you mean hook a GameCube up to your MacBook and use the display or put GameCube games into your MacBook and emulate them?

    The answer is either not very well, or not at all depending on which one you are talking about. You can get a USB TV adaptor and plug a GCN into that and display it on your MacBook screen... but there is going to be a slight delay as the USB adaptor digitizes the video, which is going to make it basically unplayable.

    There aren't any working GCN emulators for any platform, as far as I am aware.
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    There actually is a working Windows GameCube emulator, but the compatability is low, and it's a total pain to rip the games (unless you're a filthy pirate).
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    Why in the name of the 4 types of cheddar cheese would you want to play PPC games (Game Cube) on an x86 Processor (Intel)? The GCN is nothing more than a specialized iMac. And while emulators may exist, it is very difficult to find games to play, and you cannot read a GCN disk with a standard DVD player, as it has a track of barcode data than cannot be scanned with the standard DVD laser. The barcode data informs the GCN on how to understand the data on the disk.

    As for displaying the GCN on a MacBook... it is possible, but the lag time would ruin any ability to play. My suggestion, go to Tiger Direct, pick up a $150 19" LCD monitor, and search online for a GCN to VGA/DVI connector. Good luck.

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    There is another possiblity... the EyeTV EZ.... it doesn't sample/convert the input before displaying it, so there's no delay. In other words, it will do exactly what you want it to, and allow you to play the cube on your MacBook.



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