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Is it safe to manually download the MobileMe 1.1 pkg?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Steven Jackson, Jul 12, 2008.

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    There are several links for this (seemingly essential) download. Please post if you've got it and it works (or doesn't).

    I'm a bit scared to try it for myself...

    1) Does it allow Mail.app to work with @me.com mail addresses (or, indeed, @mac.com mail addresses)?

    2) Does it allow sync of other items (keychains, etc)

    3) Does it update iCal, Address Book, Mail, etc?


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    Doesn't your computer already sync correctly without the update?
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    Yes, it does, but I want the MobileMe update to get mail.app working properly and I wanted to make sure that everything would continue to sync after I applied the update...

    Have you installed it?

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    Well i've done it and it now allows automatic setup of @me.com address. Everything syncs as normal but by that I mean syncs, not really pushes...

    I don't think it's "unsafe" because other people have got it through Software Update, just that for whatever reason Apple don't want to give it to everyone yet. Some posts suggests there are still bugs with it which is strange considering how long Apple must have been planning this.

    For me Push from desktop (ie. adding something in iCal and seeing it at www.me.com) doesn't work yet :(
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    Hmmm. Thanks for the info -- I'm still a bit nervous about this, though. I did a clean install in preparation for the iPhone and I don't want to mess anything up...
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    cam someone direct me to the 1.1 download please. I have nothing showing in software update

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