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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by homrb, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I am wondering how safe it is to camp out at the apple store for launch day? I am 17 years old and so my mom is a little hesitant to agree to let me go with a friend. I would be going to the Dallas, TX apple store that is located inside Northpark mall which is generally a pretty safe place. So does anyone have experience with camping out for the iPhone (specifically inside a mall) that could tell me what it is like? thanks!
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    Definitely try to have a buddy with you being that young. Im glad I dont have to worry about feeling safe. Thats why I got my CCW permit ;)
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    If there's enough people it's probably safe (safety in numbers)

    Enough would be around 10, I would think.

    But I would imagine there's the inherent element of risk, as it's apparent that you are there specifically to purchase an expensive item, but I've only heard of one incident. I'm not aware of the circumstances.

    my advice FWIW

    Live dangerously :D
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    ok thanks! I think that it probably would be safe because the mall is sort of a central place to go in dallas (biggest mall in the state) which means that there would probably be more people here than most others. and also there may even be a police officer there just making sure that nothing bad happens
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    Northpark is safe enough, but you may not be sold the iPhone due to your age. You have to enter into a contract, and Apple won't with a minor.

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