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Is it still possible to update to Logic 9.18?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Boyd01, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Have been running Logic 9.17 for almost 2 years under MacOSX 10.7. Everything worked so I didn't want to mess with it.

    Just got a new machine with MacOSX 10.8 and figured I would start fresh with Logic 9.18 (haven't seriously used 9.17 yet on the new machine, it may be fine). No, I don't want Logic X. Have spent too much money on other stuff recently and Logic 9 does everything I need just fine.

    When I go to the App Store, Logic isn't shown on the updates page. But when I look at my purchased apps it is shown and an update is indicated as available. If I click on it, the store asks for my password, then gives me an "Error 1004 please try again later" alert.

    So is it still possible to update to the final version of Logic 9? If so, how? Should I delete the app and re-download? Will that force a huge download of content again? My internet connection is not very fast out here in the sticks. :) Has anyone else actually done this?
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    You should be able to update via the software updater in the app store. I don't know why you get the error though..
    You could try contacting Apple about it. But you should also be able to download the update from here and applying it manually, rather than through the app store.
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    Excellent Luap - many thanks, downloading right now. My google searches never turned up a standalone download.

    Something is definitely wrong at the app store in this regard though. As I said, Logic doesn't even appear on my App Store updates page. I got the error when I clicked the update button on the purchased apps page.
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    Nice try, but....


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    I finally resolved this issue after a lot of messing around. I got some ideas in Apple's Logic support forum, but they didn't fix things. Going through the maze at Apple Support was frustrating. App Store support responded that this was beyond their knowledge and they e-mailed me the stock list of support links that I already had. I guess App Store support is the wrong place to resolve App Store problems. :rolleyes:

    Going through the options under Pro Apps support always ended up telling me to phone during business hours. I did that, and spent about an hour. Talk for 30 seconds, get put on hold for 5 minutes, repeat, etc.

    Finally was connected to someone that understood the issue. He said they see this from time to time and think it could be caused by a variety of unrelated things. But he reset my account and had me drag Logic to the trash. When I restarted the App Store, it now gave me a link to install Logic again.

    That worked perfectly. It was only a 500MB download and did not ask me to re-install any content. So I now have 9.1.8 on my machine. It took a little further messing around with drivers and a firmware update to my interface before I could get it working smoothly (was hanging on "checking MIDI drivers").

    Seems to be good now. Will put it to a serious test later tonight.

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