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Is it worth getting the new iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gadget123, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I use to have one before I upgraded to my

    Just got iPhone 5 dropped it and it looks rubbish now. Should I get an iPod touch with more memory than my iPhone and piece of mind I can look after it more
    If I keep it in the house?
  2. OMN
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    Replacement at Applestore

    I would go to the Apple store to see what they can do for you since your going to spend the money from 49.00-399.99 usd

    why not see if they will trade with some money added on for a refurbished iPhone 5 also get a case

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    They said £182 which is almost as expensive as the iPod.
  4. OMN
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    I just don't think its worth it you'll have a brand new phone again and no worries even with a case. your getting another iPhone 5 for less Then what your paid with Apple care still on why carry around two devices and look like your phone later thinking " i should have" just get the new phone and later on if you want an iPod get one i think the phone is way more important
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    I was going to get one but it doesn't really make sense if you already have an iPhone. No point carrying two devices right?
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    One more vote in the "don't bother with two devices" column. Now, if you had an android phone, then it wouldn't be so redundant.

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