Is iTunes Match the same thing as the cloud?

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    I've tried searching for answers and I'm more confused than ever.

    My questions:

    Can I get my itunes songs in the cloud without using itunes match?

    And if so, HOW?

    Do I have to have a mobileme account to do it or can I use my normal (NON NON account?

    Is itunes match another name for the cloud?

    When I open itunes on my Mac, the only selection I see is for itunes match. I see nothing about uploading songs to the cloud. So I signed up for itunes match. So I think I have songs in the cloud, No?

    If I cancel itunes match, will the cloud delete all my songs?

    Thanks so much in advance. From my research, I think that itunes match started out as something else but is now the program to get your music in the cloud.


    FYI, I never turned on "icloud" on my mbp in system preferences. The only thing I've done is subscribe to itunes match.
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    Ok. Over 300 views and not one response. That means one of two things...Either everyone is at least a little confused on the issue too or my questions are too stupid for anyone to deal with.

    Probably the latter of the two.

    I'm getting to old for this crap. Back in the day we used to get instructions with our new electronics. Not with apple. I asked all of this bc I'm wanting to get my songs beamed to an AppleTV (w/ amplifier) so we can listen throughout the house. Before this, I've never had a use for the cloud. I've searched and searched about itunes match and have 4 different explanations for what it does:

    1. Its the Cloud and has full streaming capability
    2. It only adds songs that were non itunes purchased to the cloud
    3. It replaces music files with apples version cloud files, BUT IT WILL NOT STREAM THE MUSIC. You still need to store the files on the devices.
    4. Its merely a backup service

    So I have researched a lot. Apparently I'm just not experienced (or intelligent) enough to navigate through the truth and the BS. I'm perturbed!
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    iCloud is a free service provided by apple to back up your device.

    iTunes Match is a paid for music streaming service. You match your iTunes library anything that dosent exist on apples end is uploaded and your music is replaced with night quality music.

    You can download any of the content onto your iOS devices or stream it. That's up to you.
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    First of all, THANK YOU for the response.

    And for clarity...

    You are saying that I would not be able to stream music to an Apple TV with only songs backed up on icloud? I would definitely need itunes match to do that?
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    You can stream your iTunes over wifi from your mac/pc to an Apple TV you do not need iTunes Match for that.

    Edit- iCloud doesn't back up music just so we are clear
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    You can if the songs have been purchased via iTunes. Just go to recent purchases in the iTunes store.

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