Is Lion a cheap £25 upgrade again or a full on pack?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by ruk110, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Will Lion be another snow leopard type upgrade again for only a few coins or will it be a full on complete significant change of software?
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    Pricing has not been released. Any information you can possibly acquire to date is purely speculative.
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    No pricing info has been issued as far as I know
    But likely a significant full upgrade unlike SL
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    Snow Leopard was the only one with 29$ price tag AFAIK. It was basically just updated Leopard so 129$ would have been ridiculous. However, as said above, the pricing of Lion has not been released so nobody knows
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    yeah thats what i was thinking. because in the past they never did anything like SL (as in a very small light upgrade) or maybe it was a one off. more than the price of Lion im interested in what type of upgrade it will be
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    yeah but brother the price is a minor part of the question i had- i wanted to know what type of upgrade it would be
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    Also well covered in that thread as to why they might price one way or the other.

    Also a bit pointless asking in British Pound as the price will be set in USD then long term currency conversion applied and local tax. I don't think anyone* here would be prepared to speculate what the Pound will be doing to the Dollar in almost 12months time for the next 12months or so.

    *those who know enough are likely to find it more profitable to stay quiet.
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    ok im getting a bit sick of people commenting on the specific of £25- i only said that because thats how much it is over here. i was and am still MORE interested on what type of install it would be so will everybody kindly just **** *** with all the ******* 'ooh bruce's price is right ****' okay?

    Thank you
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    LOL. umad?
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    How can anyone answer that, we don't know yet.

    We've only had the Lion sneak peak so far and from that limited preview it looks like it will probably be more of an upgrade than Snow Leopard. More details should emerge when the developers get hold of their beta releases.
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    SL was a very small update from a user perspective. That's why it was cheap. It's also why they picked similar names (Leopard -> Snow Leopard). OK, it added stuff under the hood, but it's hard to make people pay for that.

    Lion is going to add a lot of new stuff (from a user perspective). You don't pick the king of the beasts for a small, incremental, 30 quid upgrade.
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    This. I'm very excited about the new features - finally spaces the way it was meant to be and full screen!!!
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    Well yes more user features than SL but also could be lots of stuff that requires dev updates to take advantage of. So getting as many users as they can is important. The user base is what 3-4 times that of leopard. So best guess more than snow leopard but less than leopard.
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    i guess i was right :p
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    No, you weren't.

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