Is MobileMe iDisk syncing just Backblaze in disguise?

Discussion in 'Apple Music, iCloud and Apple Services' started by WiLLGT09, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Nov 13, 2007
    So, I was having some syncing hiccups with my iDisk and was chatting with a MobileMe support person. While waiting for my iDisk to re-sync everything, I got to talking about how the local iDisk is just a Finder directory designated as a device volume. (If you drag the iDisk to the Trash, it appears to want to Eject the disk. Could lead to data loss!).

    Anyways, in a curious state I decided to use TinkerTook to show hidden files and folders. I noticed a folder in my iDisk called ".bzvol". Inside of which is a README.txt file.
    Wait. Backblaze? The third-party online backup company? Interesting. Backblaze data centers? IS our MobileMe data not stored on Apple servers? I did some googling, but I couldn't find any indication that Apple is using Backblaze technology. Although, Backblaze's site does mention "OEM Partners", so maybe they helped develop part of the iDisk syncing technology. I dunno.

    However, another MobileMe chat person said this:

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    Aug 7, 2007
    No idea about Backblaze.

    However, you can safely eject the iDisk in Finder without data loss.
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    Backblaze creates those hidden folders/files to tell it what to sync.
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    That file isn't there on my idisk…
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    What I mean is, if your computer had previously had Backblaze installed, those files are littered all over your hard disk, including your iDisk folder. It has nothing to do with iDisk itself.

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