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Is my Macbook Air from China?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ShrubbySoup, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Yes it is
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    First off, it's too cheap to be true, then it's a fake. 900 quids to me is not cheap, maybe slightly cheaper than from Apple.UK so I say most likely OK. Amazon discloses it's sold from a place called Index Electronics. Do they have a website? can u not do further research about this outfit?

    Are u aware Apple sells refurbs, just like new at discounts?
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    Yes it is what?


    Yeah, i'm aware of the refurbs, but still, there's nothing like opening your brand new apple product is there :)
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    From China. Because all MacBook Airs are from China.
  6. old-wiz, Mar 8, 2013
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    Well..considering Amazon is fronting it, it should be a real MBA. However, I don't trust the :

    "Sold by xxxxxxx and Fulfilled by Amazon"

    when it comes to electronics or expensive stuff. To me this is just too risky - you can have to fight with them to get the real thing or to get it replaced if it doesn't work OOB or they didn't describe it accurately (you got a previous generation for example) or you find that they shipped you a brick instead of an expensive computer. I'd buy from Amazon, but not from a "sold by.." shop. You really have to be careful considering that the company in "sold by.." is in Hong Kong.... that's the last place I would trust. They have no phone number, their address is only a room... You don't want to find it takes a week to return it if it doesn't work. You can't even call them if there's a problem.

    Stick to more reputable sellers and ignore this one.
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    Not trying to scare u but THERE IS a fake Air out there (google) however they do say is not Apple. Sells like usd$350.
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    Fulfilled by amazon is perfectly fine. If you read what fulfilled by amazon is about it's basically an outside firm that pays amazon to deal with all their orders. Basically all the firms items are stored in amazons warehouses and are picked and packed by amazon employees, so pretty much like buying from amazon.

    Plus if anything goes wrong you should have more comeback on it since they're fulfilled :)

    Although I'd suggest you buy from apple if you have a student discount. If not, but from John Lewis. You get 3 year warranty for free and it's the same price as Apple :)

    Apple student discount is £15 on laptops and also consider you can get 2 years apple care for £50 instead of £200. So student discount saves a fortune!
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    Yeah, i was looking at student discount, but on amazon you are still saving another £50ish on top of that. I'm thinking about getting one from apple now. i don't want to risk it if it brakes :)

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    Don't get it why you shouldn't buy from Amazon, they are reputable, I never had any problems with them, and no, it's not fake, and it is Chinese.:p
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    Yeah I got mine from Apple using student discount and purchased the extra 2 year apple care for £50 instead of £200 which I think is a bargain. I now have the peace of mind that my laptop will last the whole of my degree no problems!
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    One of the reviews says this:

    "Isnt a massive issue, but this is listed as the UK model, MB231B/A. I actually received MC231ZP/A which appears to be an international version without specific UK keyboard layout (has no £ sign on number 3 key and has small rectangular enter key)."

    Not sure what knock-on that would have. But it's from Amazon, so you'll have full warranty. My only concern would be if something went wrong, would Apple fix it (but if not, go back to Amazon and they'd probably give you a full refund).
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    I see what you're doing there, ye si know mac's are made in china, but i have heard many story's on here about these fake apple stores across china and ever since i have been weary :)

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    My best advice to you, is to check out :apple: refurb store. You are buying direct from :apple: and it looks like this one on this link is cheaper too, from what you have seen:


    You can check out :apple:'s other refurb products here:

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    Exactly why I would never buy from the fulfilled people...You can get it fixed probably (hopefully), but basically they did not ship what you ordered. This is why I never trust the fulfilled by people when it comes to expensive stuff like a laptop. If it's sold by Amazon, fine, but if fulfilled skip it. Or just buy from apple refurb.
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    Yeah agree with you all, i don't trust 'fulfilled by amazon' especially for the money i'm spending. Also, i'm not that happy with having a refurb, just that thought of knowing it is 2nd hand, i would always be paranoid about it braking :)
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    I have never bought a refurb from :apple: before, however from what i have read from most people who buy from :apple: refurbs they are completely happy and never had a problem. What you also remember is that it comes with a full 1 year :apple: warranty and you can purchase :apple: care. So if anything goes wrong, you can be assured that :apple: will fix it under warranty. However I am sure them posters can comment on this. However its all down to you at the end of the day.

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