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is my Powerbook a lemon?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tngisaga, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Hey everyone...

    My Powerbook G4 (15" 1.67GHz) has been giving me a lot of problems and frustration. In a little more than a year, I've gone through two logics boards and an Airport card. All of these repairs have totalled a good amount of waiting for my computer to be returned to me. Unfortunately, I think there's another problem with my computer again. The screen doesn't turn on when I open my Powerbook sometimes. I can still hear the hard drive, but it won't turn on again unless I shut the computer down by holding the power button, and starting it up again. This gives me reason to suspect that it might be the logic board again. Do you guys think my Powerbook is a lemon? I don't want to go through another repair and was wondering if Apple would be willing to replace it for me. I don't know what they would replace it with since they don't make my model anymore.

    Any help would be appreciate guys. Thanks!!
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    Do you have Apple Care?
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    Yeah I have AppleCare. I bought it just before the limited warranty expired. I guess it was a good thing that I did that. :)
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    Back on 10/11/06 you posted that this machine was a victim of liquid damage. So, is there more to this story than is described in this post? To gain 'lemon' status, part of the criteria must be failure to function correctly do to engineering, manufacturing, craftsmanship or (sometimes) handling/transportation. Considering the history of this machine, Apple should have sufficient documentation to determine whether any of the above are contributors to your present plight. If they agree, I would expect them to make it right.
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    heh, there was a huge problem with that story. apparently the repair place got my powerbook mixed up with a macbook pro. so it wasn't my computer that had the liquid damage, it was the macbook pro. therefore, there was no accidental damage caused on my part so the logic board was replaced (ethernet was broken). maybe the logic board they replaced it with is faulty too. i would that that apple should be able to do something about this. i don't wanna keep dealing with these problems.
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    I ran across your post and had to reply. I am currently going through the exact same thing.... my 15" PowerBook G4 has gone through two logic boards and now the screen will not turn on but I can hear it running.

    Were you able to get it replaced?

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