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Is Nintendo the Apple of gaming?

Discussion in 'Games' started by princealfie, Jun 2, 2006.

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    I think that I'm most excited about the Nintendo Wii to be honest than the fancy shebang of the PS3 or Xbox 360. I really think that Nintendo has pulled off a hat trick where they demonstrate innovative stuff :cool: just like up the waazoo like Apple does. Certainly they think differently!
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    It's a common, and probably cliched comparison these days. But it's true in my eyes. I never get ever get excited over "the newest Dell" or "playstation machine".
  3. 7on
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    I don't see Nintendo as the Apple of gaming. Why? Nintendo pushes for the the most consumer affordable. Apple does not.
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    I don't think so. Apple goes for what works better (like the easy of use of OSX), were as Nintendo goes for the 'new idea' more than anything. That being said, the Game Cube was nothing new, nor the N64 or SNES. They were just regular game consoles.

    Anyway, innovative isn't allways a good thing. The idea of the Wii bores me some what, I like playing games the normal way, not jumping and swinging my arms about... Apple does things to make them more functional than before, Nintendo havn't done that IMO.
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    Gasu E.

    iPhoto + GarageBand + iMovie + iDVD +iWeb-->$79

    How much will Nintendo charge for one game? $50? $60?
  6. 7on
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    I get my games for around $35ish and Gamecube games for $20
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    The question was "How much WILL NINTENDO CHARGE for one game" not "How much can you buy old games for." Let us know where you're buying Wii games for $35ish.
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    Perhaps Microsoft are the Apple of consoles...

    XBox & XBox 360 are not overly popular compared to PS3 but are considered by thier champions and users as better, higher spec'd, faster and a better experience.

    But then if you think about it, Apple are the Microsoft of MP3 players...
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    They're more identical than not. Both are struggling starry eyed idealists. They focus on what they do best and don't rarely add features to their products. And when they do, the features are adopted by the industry sometimes a few years later. Apple did it with USB, taking out floppy, etc. Nintendo did it with, rumble, analog stick, great camera in 3d games.

    Both have managed to maintain position in the marketplace and staying relevent by making portable devices that people buy. Gameboy and iPod.

    I'm more scared if Apple dies, than if Nintendo dies. I can stand not having good gaming. But I can't live with no good computing.
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    The way I see it...

    -Nintendo and Apple are the underdogs. Low market hold in the consoles/computers, massive market share in the handhelds/music players.
    -Both have raving fanboy support
    -Both value good looks (Wii and DS Lite)
    -Shigsy and Steve had RDF and magical charm powers
    -Both try to go alternative paths to the mainstream (USB? 1 button mice? gyro controllers?), whether or not the majority of people like them or not.
    -Both are friends to vast profit margins
    -Both use good components and have good build-quality record.
    -Both are better than anything Microsoft put out in any market :D

    Apple seem expensive on paper. But at the time NO laptop came close to the power my PowerBook had for the same price.
  11. MRU


    Apple dont make games consoles.

    Nintendo dont make computers.

    Apple market to a small professional market - percieved by most non users as a machine for only the rich trendy types.

    Nintendo try and get everyone to play its hardware - but is often left struggling and accused of being too childish.

    Apple are often (but getting better) overpriced compared to their PC competitors

    Nintendo are often (but not always) cheaper than its competitors.
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    I'm just wating for the day that Dell become the Sega of video gaming consoles (he says whilst using a Dell monitor...:p )
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    I've read topics about this before, and it is somewhat like comparing apples to oranges.

    Nintendo focuses on slick hardware design (original DS maybe not as slick as it could be--obviously seen with DS lite), easy OS/functionality and new innovations (Superscope, Powerglove, SFX chip, Virtual Boy, Wavebird, Wii Controller, tilt-controlled game carts).

    What it boils down to is that Nintendo is ultimately a software company. These days they use technology after it's been around for a while (no DVD on the GCN), but often combine it in a way that's useful and innovative (Nintendo DS). Likewise they put out dozens of first-party titles that sell like crazy...taking in those nice software profits.

    Apple on the other hand, often uses cutting edge hardware (Airport, DVD-R, CD-R, Intel chips) along with some "older" tech with slick industrial design, markets the hell out of it, and sells it at what some consider to be a "prohibative" price.

    Personally I think the the included software and support more than justifies the price, but it's a tough comparison strictly on hardware to compare computers to game consoles...unless of course it's the XBOX 360 :D
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    If you replace nintendo with apple in that sentence, it would still work.
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    Yeah that's totally true--the iMac and Mac mini as of late especially.

    Also, on second thought...if you were to include maybe 10-15 peices of software in any console gaming product, the cost comparison is completely different. For the console at least you're looking at close to an extra $600 on top of hardware costs :eek:
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    I agree that Nintendo is the Apple of gaming. They're both the innovators and pioneers, yet are often ignored or insulted ("Macs suck!" vs "Nintendo is kiddie!"). Granted, the biggest difference is that Nintendo is a bit more affordable.

    Both companies have slick hardware design and spectacular engineering. Yes, the GameCube wasn't exactly a 'slick' design but the engineering was SPECTACULAR. It launched at $200 at a profit, while outperforming the $300 PS2 being sold at a small loss, and being very close in performance to the XBox which cost $400 to manufacture and was several times larger in size. It's like the Mac Mini or iMac, which are smaller than some external disk drives and LCD monitors respectively (I swear I've found monitors thicker than the iMac).

    $50. When their competitors are selling them for $60. Further, their console is around 1/2 to 1/3rd the price of Sony's and up to 1/2 that of Microsoft's.

    This seems to me a faulty comparison.
    A) Macs have never been "higher spec'd" or faster.
    B) The XBox 360 is not "higher spec'd" than the PS3.
    C) How can you compare the experience of the XBox 360 to the PS3 which hasn't even been released?

    Yet another good comparison. Despite having a relatively low marketshare compared to their competitors, both companies are among the most profitable of their competitors, with Nintendo posting higher profits than Sony's game division and me posting higher profits than Microsoft's game division (which has been earning approximately negative 250 million per quarter, so even someone with no income has more profits than Microsoft's game division).

    And despite having low marketshare in their primary field, they both have absolute dominance in the handheld market (both are about 70-80% marketshare).

    Both companies also focus on ease of use.

    Also, both will have online pay-to-own services and both hate subscription services. (iTunes vs Virtual Console)
    Having used the Wii controller, you are dead wrong. Nintendo is increasing functionality.
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    N64 was innovative. Analogue controls for one. I remember back in the day when people criticised that specific area "it's so precise, will break easy!", "I prefer the Dpad!". Yet look now. everyone and their aunty has an analogue stick controller. GC was a lot new. Like Praxis said, it was a tremendous feat of engineering. The SNES maybe not so innovative, even though Sony though it was innovative enough to clone the controller entirely, adding handles and 2 more shoulder buttons. same layout mind.
    Course the N64 pioneered 4 controller ports. N64 brought us 3D worlds at a good speed etc.

    So Nintendo go for the 'new idea' yet they also don't. Oxymoron time. All games consoles are "regular games consoles". The only different one I'm seeing is the Wii.
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    Nintendo is the freaking Nintendo of gaming...they made gaming what it is today....i don't see them as an underdog or anything other than what they are...Nintendo(creators of wonderful games)

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    As the first consumer OS with a GUI, you could say the same about Apple and the computer industry.
  21. 7on
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    Well I do buy DS games for $35 :D
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    Both have crazy fans that will go nuts if you point out anything bad about either company... so yeah they are the same. Are they innovators? Nintendo are, Apple aren't. Apple use generic PC hardware and have an OS that runs reasonably well. Other than OS X where is the innovation at Apple?
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    I would cite how Apple brought portable digital music from a niche for computer geeks into the mainstream, but I don't know whether thats more to do with innovative marketing that innovative hardware.
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    FleurDuMal IMHO marketing is the only place where Apple are innovative. From what I can tell they basically invented the consumer product zealot. Other than that I really don't see anything innovative about Apple anymore. Sure back when they used PPC they had something to make them stand out from the crowd, but their current computer hardware is hardly what I'd call innovative.

    edit: Just watch all the flames I get from now on just to prove that Apple invented the consumer product zealot. ;)
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    Um, the migth use "PC parts" but the hardware is not average..when you show people a Mac, there say "wow" Friends for come over my house ask were is the tower to go with my iMac G5? Laptop wise, first 17'' Laptop, very sleek disigns, iSight built it(its in PC but not many) and as the OS is in a whole different ball partk, its truely amazing! I can see how someone can say Apple is not a company all about innovation! The iPod from 2001? And all iPods from then? iTunes Music store? And Mac OS X is hardly something to to blow off as nothing. And all the Apps for OS X! And Spotlight!

    PPC was nice, but x86 is were the support is, you will see. I'm not sure why PPC is SO big of a deal for people, i mean its nice, but the support was not there, making x86 better for real usage

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