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Is OWC the only way to upgrade MBAir's SSD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Hexley, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Is there no alternative to OWC? Yes, they are cheaper than Apple with the pricing below.

    120GB $167.99
    180GB $229.99
    240GB $299.99
    480GB $659.99

    But they aren't keeping pace with the SSD market pricing as a whole. Priced below are the top SSD Samsung 840 Pro.

    512GB $599.99
    256GB $269.99
    128GB $149.99
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    You can also go with OEM Toshiba/Samsung SSD. There are a few sites out there that sell them.

    You are looking at ~$700 new for a OEM Samsung 512GB. However I have seen them cheaper on eBay.


    Based on the QC issues OWC has been having, I would probably look for an OEM drive personally.
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    To me the Air is about compromises in favor of portability. Because Apple's drives have improved in quality, I would get their 240GB SSD and attach a TB or USB3 drive for anything beyond. The alternatives are just too sketchy.
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    Apple doesn't offer 240GB, just 128, 256 and 512GB. Also OEM drives are not too sketchy. They are OEM afterall.
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    What I mean is, I think the best route is a mid-sized Apple SSD and other options should be avoided.
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    MBAir's designed not to be user upgradeable but given that you can open the bottom of the case easily and the SSD isn't soldered allows for upgrading.

    I ask because I just find that pricing of this Apple spec component to be out of step with the falling prices of SSDs. The norm today is below $1/GB.

    480GB's $1.375/GB
    240GB's $1.250/GB
    180GB's $1.278/GB
    120GB's $1.400/GB

    Samsung 840 Pro

    512GB's $1.171/GB
    256GB's $1.055/GB
    128GB's $1.172/GB
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    While the Samsung 840 Pro is an awesome SSD, you need to realize that the blade style SSD's will cost more. Hence why the OEM Apple/Samsung/Toshiba drives and OWC drives are more expensive.

    However Apple SSD and RAM have always been more expensive than the market price. Just the way things have always been. That is why you buy RAM aftermarket and not through Apple for computers that you can upgrade yourself.
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    Of course it's more expensive. It's a custom job hence the question for 3rd party solutions. :D
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    OWC is not the only way. You can also try to found used SSD's on Ebay or similar sites. Additionally, OWC is a better deal than you're making it out to be. The Apple price is an upgrade, while the OWC is buying the drive outright. If you purchase an OWC drive the old drive is yours to keep or sell, however if you purchase the upgrade you don't get the base 128gb drive.
    This obviously doesn't mean much when compared to other 2.5" drives, but they're not that bad. Really you have to consider it is a special format unique to this system, so that doesn't attract many manufacturers to produce parts. This leads to a lack of competition which leaves us with the market conditions you're noting.
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    Rather than pay $660 from OWC for 480GB, you might as well pay the extra $40 and get a 512GB OEM/Samsung aftermarket for $700. Better deal.
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    Where can you buy that? Do you mean just upgrading? I think you missed my point. You could sell the 128gb drive for $100+ thus making it a $140 difference.
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    Yourmacstore has them. As well as vendors on ebay.

    I think you missed my point. You would still have your stock 128GB drive to sell and then upgrade to a OEM 512GB SSD.
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    Oh thank you. That's what I was trying to understand. I didn't realize that the OEM were available separately.
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    Yeah I don't think many MBA owners realize you can buy new OEM drives aftermarket. While they are "expensive", compared to OWC they are not prohibitively so. Plus you get a drive that you know will work and will fit. No need to alter your MBA, or push the drive harder to make it fit. It will just work.

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