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Is Pages the App for me? Need First Hand Advice!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Statusnone88, May 7, 2011.

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    So my job is in retail sales. We require everyone to meet certain sales goals and numbers on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. As the General Manager I need to go to my computer, print about 20 pages a week of my employees weekly statistics and go over them to see where they are exceeding goals and who my under performers are.

    My question is if pages is the right app for me? I basically want to beable to quickly list and compare each employees numbers for the week on my iPad instead of have to go through pages and pages of weekly numbers to look over them.

    I know it's only $10 bucks, but I'd really like a first hand opinion on the program before I toss my money at it.

    Also, according to the reviews people aren't too happy with the excel porting of spreadsheets, but this will be soley used on my iPad/iMac.

    Thanks again for any info guys, very much appreciated!
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    If your wanting to compare numbers wouldn't you be better off with a spreadsheet like "Numbers"? With a spreadsheet you could use the computer or iPad to make the comparisons add not just substitute a touchscreen for paper.
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    I'm a complete idiot. That's what I meant, not pages.

    But yes Numbers is the app I'm interested in. Thank you for pointing that out. Don't know why I got the two messed up :(
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    Then yes, Numbers would be excellent. Any spreadsheet, including Numbers, is a very useful tool.
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    Then buy it :d

    I use pages all the time. Make sure to get Apple's Bluetooth keyboard so that you can type more easily. Typing 20 pages of stuff on the iPad's on-screen keyboard is a pain.
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    Excellent! Thanks a bunch. Just have to wait to get home to download that 69MB file but I'm sure I'll love it.

    Thanks again, Ashwood.

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