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Is/Should Blizzard Do Anything For "Twinking"?

Discussion in 'Games' started by bobber205, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Anyone who has played wow for awhile knows what twinking is. It's when you use your relatively rich lvl 60-70 character to buy the best gear for the highest level in a certain bracket (19,29,39 etc). Then you play Battleground with that character.

    And own everyone.

    While yeah, I'm sure its fun, it sucks for anyone who can't pour 50 hours a week into the game. In my opinion it's grossly unfair and should be stopped.

    Example. I had a (now lvl 23) decent rogue. All green gear, not too bad. I was speccing in assassination. :D But every battleground I would go in had several if not all twinks! :(

    There's no way that a level 19 rogue should be killed in one hit be anything ever. Often, this one undead rogue in particulary, would backstab me for about 1000 damage, killing me in one hit. WTF! :mad:

    I love WoW. I really do. And I love the "idea" of BGs. But until I can get decent enough gear to compete (probably at level 60-70 where twinking is harder/almost impossible,) I don't think I'll be doing many BGs. Which makes me sad.

    I have heard that Blizz was 'going' to do something. Like match up participants based on gear AND level, instead of just levels. Or give each win in a BG worth some xp so that a twink would eventually level. :)

    Something needs to be done to promote fairness in the BGs.

    What is Blizzard doing? Anything? What should be done?
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    I'm relatively new to the game, so I didn't know the official term for that, but yeah, that's always really annoying! Yes, they should do something about it!

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    i believe they already are working on fixing this...

    what they plan on or at least have been rumored to be working on is a Battleground gear matching system. who knows when they'll get it out though, can't be easy.
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    I fully agree. Twinks are just cowards or really bad PVP'ers.

    The answer is simple, just make all the top low level items Bind on Pickup, will solve everything. They they actually have to work for the items instead of just buying them. This will also force them to lvl :p
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    Back when I played WoW, another problem with twinking was the high level enchantments they had on their weapons. Have they fixed this? All Blizzard needed to do was put a level requirement on the weapon after the enchant was done.
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    The new high level enchants (skill 300+) now need a level 35+ item. But the old enchants can still be used and you can even use the new enchants to equip a level 39 twink...
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    If by gear matching they mean that you can only join a battleground against people with equal gear, I would think that would lead to huge waits in the queue.

    Maybe some generic gear that everyone has automatically equipped when they enter... it wouldn't matter to those who were actually there to match skill, only to the twinks. Maybe a separate unlimited twinks battleground. That would take all the fun out of it for the people who want to dominate without skill though... tragedy. ;)

    Personally, PVP arenas seem pretty boring to me, since every group seems to use exactly the same strategies. It was fun for a day, but...

    Now, world PVP was fun, when it existed.:(
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    I don't go in battlegrounds until I'm at the upper end of a level range, ie 28-29, 38-39. I enjoy it much more that way.

    I don't think there's anything Blizzard could reasonably do to prevent 'twinks', but I would like to see more done to level the playing field a bit.
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    what i think blizzard should do is put all the twinks into the upper level BG's, what i mean is, if there is a lvl 35 twink, and a lvl 35 regular player, put the twink into the 40-49 lvl queue, while the regular players battle their approxiamte equals, lvl 30-39 (as far as equipment is concerned)...
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    In this scenario, how do you identify the twink?
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    I don't think the gear matching would work too well. Couldn't a person just carry with them all their twink gear in their bags, but equip crap armor until they got into BG, then twink up?
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    Ja Di ksw

    The last time I played WoW was on the beta. Was there when they finished it, man I loved how they did that! So I don't have any personal experience with twinking. However, I must say . . .

    That phrase is hysterical!
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    That is an idea to consider.

    I think personally the making each BG worth a little bit of XP would be fair.
    Or maybe put all battlegrounds into one and match everyone up based on gear? And don't allow people to switch their gears.
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    I think Blizzard should just force equip everyone with generic armor upon entering BG. That would cause an uproar fo sho.
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    I'd really like to take up WoW (or some other MMORPG), but things like this remind me why I haven't tried.

    If I was a newbie taking up WoW, I:

    a) wouldn't have a clue what anyone was talking about when they mentioned twinking. I read a little more on wikipedia, only to find myself up to my knees in multiplayer jargon (TLC, slumming, farming, ninja looting, griefing, grinding etc.). The amount of jargon is a bit daunting for new players.

    b) wouldn't even realise what was happening if I were killed by a twink. I'd just assume I was playing poorly/naievely.

    c) probably would jump at the chance to twink to level up quicker, not realising it might be against the spirit of the game.
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    What's even sadder: on less than "proper" WoW forums, they talk about spending $$$ to buy China gold to twink their characters! Talk about cheating!
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    This is the main reason why I never played WoW. I'm a HUGE warcraft fan and I really wanted to play, but I would only be able to play maybe 5 hours a week.

    I just don't think it would be worth playing, and paying, when you can't play very much. I would just be fodder for all the guys with no lives that play for 50 hours a week. ;)
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    Ok here is the solution.

    Play on a normal server.Don't go PVP server unless you dont mind the slow grind with lots of ganking on your grind to 70. Secondly why do you even bother going to the BGs before you are 1-2 levels off from the BG level cap? I.E. the 11-19 BGs you shouldn't go unless you are at least 17 or 18. a Level 12 will be pwned by almost any level 18 or 19.

    Be smart about the BGs know which classes to avoid given the situation. I am not saying this is the cure all end all solution but it should cut back on your headaches with the BGs and twinking.
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    I did have a Twink, but he didn't last very long. Once I reached level 19 on one of my alts, I will admit I got all the best gear I could (most of it was blue BoP, so it wasn't like I had to buy most of my gear; I had to find this stuff). I did the BG a few times. But after that, I moved on and was kicking ass in quests, grinding, and all else in the world. My gear was pretty much set for a good 4-5 levels.

    Twinking may be an issue in BG's, but I didn't really find it worth my time. I rather have another kickass level 60 (or now 70) alt.
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    The same thing happened on the MUD I played for so many years. You had similar level brackets where you competed against others in your bracket. You had a few who decided that they would "camp" at these breaks so they could dominate others who had bigger goals in mind, namely moving past that point. Most often, these were people who couldn't hack it against others on even footing.
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    My brother is obsessed with twinking, and it's really annoying. The solution for Blizzard is simple though. All they need to do is make the twink gear not as good. Honestly, some of the gear that level 19s can wear is ridiculously good, and if Blizzard nerfed it a little, the twink problem might not be as bad.
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    i plan on making a twink soon :D
    i just find them fun since there are other twinks, i wouldn't mind if they forced all the twinks into one bracket though.
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    Says you :)

    I had a HW when I used to play [so much of my life wasted.... so fun] and had much more fun playing with a twinked out 29/39. One of the reasons for it [back in my day] was because PVP gear was [probably still is] awful compared to high end epic PVE gear.

    And because in WOW gear>skill, even with the HW gear some jackass on the alliance [allies outnumbered the horde on my server 2 to 1 at least] who wasn't necessarily good at PVP but had spent a lot of time in PVE would have a legendary sword and just dominate in PVP [regardless of skill].

    So to ease some of that pain [like most twinkers are doing] we'd make some badass level 29 to pass time and take our anger out on the little folk.

    Now, I'm not saying that it's fair or fun for the people who are just starting out in battlegrounds but just that it doesn't mean the twinkers suck or are cowards. For the same reason most of you who complain about it will end up doing the exact same thing.... it's just payback. And as we all know, payback is a bitch.
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    Too lazy to edit and include this in my last post :p

    I was guilty of that back when I played. For the simple fact that PVPing is [was?] EXPENSIVE! Especially back in the day when you HAD to grind PVP to get HW [to get High Warlord you basically had to rank #1 on the server for that week at some point in time, which meant PVPing 10 hours a day]. So basically there was no time left to do PVE [unless you were waiting for a PVP game] and therefor it was just about impossible to buy potions and repair all of your equipment when you loot 1 silver from a corpse in the bg's and play lots and lots and lots and LOTS of games each day.

    So, for PVP in that time I could see and accept why people bought coin for cash. Though for those who actually played PVE all day it was just an easy way to skirt by. You could say the same for me; however; I think it was more of the critical flaw in PVP [I've heard it's changed since] that required one to spend so much time doing it in order to get the HW rank. Because if you took a few hours off or a day off PVPing to earn some cash you would miss out on many games and then not get your rank. Believe me, it was way too easy to burn through 20g in a day or too when being dedicated to PVP.

    I suppose buying cash is common for most MMORPG's that are around though is more prominent in WOW because it's huge player base and because originally the game was made for [or forced] people to grind. I hear some aspects are being geared more to casual players but still....

    God I love WOW..... it's sad. If I didn't have a full time job and a girlfriend you can bet your sweet ass that I'd be doing nothing with my life and playing WoW all day every day :rolleyes:

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