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is that App hinting for the ipod touch facetime camera?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by hassoon, Aug 27, 2010.

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    hi, i found this app in the App Store and i was released in 25 August 2010 and it's called "A Mirror for iphone and ipod touch and ipad" and it will be using the camera that is located in the front of the iphone 4 in order to have the mirror sensation. So i think it will be hinting a Facetime camera in the itouch and the Ipad TOO..!

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    No solid proof to hint at an iPod camera, unfortunately, there's many apps out there that do the mirror thing, it just changes colors for the time of day. Do a store search for mirror apps, you'll see what I mean.
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    I do not know. That would mean the developers know about future products. And that somehow does not fit the "Apple culture of saying nothing about the future". Nevertheless I would love to see a frontfacing camera on the next iPod touch.:p
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    The developer can't possibly know because they don't give future products specs out to us, only the betas for the current devises to test
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    Exactly. Saved me a rant-filled post.
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    Lol no. That app just basically turns off the screen and adds a border. Pretty crappy mirror if u ask me
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    It's just like Greg said, except it doesn't actually turn off the screen, it just makes it black. So you can actually get a better "mirror" by simply turning off the screen entirely.
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    Lol, do you have to pay for that app?

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