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Is the "9C8C" screen good or bad to you?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Derrick Velasco, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Does anyone else have this screen?

    To me it was good until my brother got his MacBook, his screen has more richness. Like more gamma.

    I believe his was Chi Mei.
    But what I really would like to know is the "9C8C" good or bad compared to other MacBook (Air) screens? :rolleyes:
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    IIRC, 9C8C and 9C89 are the two original launch unit screens. I have a 9C89.

    They both suck. Around March/April '09, Apple updated the MB to have 9CA5/6/7/8 screens, which are MUCH better...almost up to par with the panels used in the 13" MacBook Pro units now.
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    Oh wow...That's my fault for getting one so early. :eek: But that explains my brothers MacBook screen being much better than mine. Bummer..
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    I've got a 9c8c and I can live with it, at least it has enough contrast to adequately display blacks and darker colors. The 9c89 sucked big fur off of small rodents, and were even worse, IMO.
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    That sucks! I wonder why they would put those screens in any Mac.
    Macs are royalty xD :D
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    Yep both of those launch model screens were crap. Unfortunately, I have the worst one (9c89).
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    Dang...Don't you think Apple would have seen the 9C89 themselves and said "No we don't want this?"

    Why are there multiple screen manufactures? Why can't there be 1? :p I mean Variety is never bad but.. :D
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    Yes, after numerous blogs, reviews and threads on this forum pointed this out enough for the world to see.
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    Ah, I see. I think.. :p
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    Man, I've got one of the original screens on my MacBook, and I do everything from photo editing to gaming on it.. never bothered me. Could be because I came from a 12" Powerbook with older backlighting technology and stuff, but to each his own I suppose.

    Buy what you like and like what you buy.
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    I have the 9C89 and it doesn't bother me. But when I went into a best buy that is really close to me and took a look at the 13" MBP, I realized how much better the screens are. They are amazing. But I still love my uMB and I think the screen is great compared to all the other screens I have used.
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    I had a 9c89 and used videos of the october 08 focus on notebook even in quicktime to point out how shi##y the screen was: Steve Jobs was 'floating head CEO' because you couldn't differentiate his black turtleneck from the black background behind him. ON EVERY OTHER DISPLAY IN THE STORE you could clearly see a spotlight reflecting off of his shoulders, but not in the unibody macbooks.

    When you have screen envy after a friend fires up his dell 9" netbook next to your $1300 uber fashionista laptop, you know apple cheaped out on the screen.
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    What about me 9C8B???
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    It's sad they did this, hope they don't do it again...

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